• Dedicated team of developers proficient with Javascript, React, Node.js, Angular, and more
  • Deep understanding of technical SEO
  • Indexing issues fixed on Javascript websites for over 30+ clients
  • Structured data implementation and mobile optimization for improved search visibility

Our Awards and Accolades

MCube Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Educational Institution Digital Enterprise Summit - Award for Digital Excellence in Insurance / Financial Services Drivers of Digital Awards- Best Search Marketing Campaign Google Premier Partner - Techmagnate Top 5 SEO Companies in India By Silicon India Listed in Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies by Mobile App Daily


JavaScript SEO Services: Start Ranking on SERPs

JavaScript SEO is a component of technical SEO, used for creating dynamic and responsive websites which are easy to load and create a seamless user experience.

SEO experts turn to JavaScript SEO when they want search engines to crawl, render, and index JS-rich dynamic content on a website.

What Makes JavaScript SEO Necessary for Your Website?

Using JavaScript is a powerful way to create dynamic and interactive content on the website because it prioritizes a positive user experience.

However, since the content refreshes almost every day, it poses a challenge for search engines to keep up with the new information.

When you don’t optimize your JavaScript website,

  • Your content becomes invisible to search engines
  • Your site’s user experience becomes difficult because of slow loading times
  • Your site’s bounce rates increase because users keep abandoning it
  • Search engines can’t crawl and index your site

You could have the most beautiful, content-rich website that does a better job of explaining your products and services than your competitors’ sites. Don’t let JavaScript get in the way.

JavaScript SEO Services by Techmagnate: We Make Your Brand Discoverable

How do we make sure your website gets found by optimizing for JavaScript SEO?

We conduct an in-depth audit before we get started to find the right starting point. And a few of the important areas we address are:

Industry Specific Experience & Proven Solutions

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    JS-coded web applications are fully optimized and understood by search engines for large enterprises in the BFSI industry.

  • Healthcare_icon


    Optimize interactive elements like video consultation on your health-related website for better search visibility and user experience.

  • EdTech_icon


    Dynamic learning elements like quizzes and infographics in edtech sites are optimized to crawl and even rank for relevant keywords.

  • Ecommerce_icon


    Optimize javascript-heavy product and category pages for search engines and potential buyers.

  • SEO Reporting


    Fun and interactive interfaces of gaming websites are fully optimized to get indexed, rendered, and crawled, ultimately improving the search rankings.

  • B2B_icon


    JavaScript-powered applications on a website targeting a B2B audience need seamless user experience to rank high on search results.

Techmagnate’s Approach to JavaScript SEO Services

Our JavaScript SEO services are structured around a four-step approach:

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    The first step is to start with a discovery call to understand your requirements and introduce our technical SEO experts to your in-house development team.

  • SEO Analyzing


    We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing issues with rendering and crawling Javascript-heavy content.

  • SEO Strategizes


    Based on the findings, we recommend action points and coordinate with your development team.

  • proven seo process icon


    We communicate openly with your development team to execute the project seamlessly and educate them on each step of JavaScript SEO optimization.

  • proven seo process icon


    We measure website performance after the optimization process, and check improvement in rankings and overall visibility.

  • proven seo process icon


    At the end of each month we share comprehensive reports on the website performance, from start to end of the JS SEO campaigns.

Why Choose Us as Your JavaScript SEO Agency

  • An on-site team of 250+ SEO experts:

    Our seasoned technical professionals dedicate their time, effort, and attention to each client’s requirements.
  • Expertise across the entire Search Marketing landscape:

    From organic methods through SEO or paid ads with PPC, we cover every aspect of search marketing.
  • Google-certified search marketing team :

    A team that has advanced-level Google certifications in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Google Premier Partner agency:

    A top-tier agency, among the top 3% of Google’s premier partners in India, has proven success in Google ads campaigns.

Work with India’s leading Technical SEO agency

Client Testimonial
“We have a great business relationship with Techmagnate. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn’t deliver results and I’am happy to say Techmagnate is doing that for us.”
Raj Kumar | Sales Head – Marketing & PR | Croyez Immigration
“We would like to thank the Techmagnate team for their services. We also appreciate your efforts towards providing us better service and we hope we associate again for more work.”
Abhipsa | Marketing Manager & PR | Maventic
“Techmagnate is a professional and reliable company which offers great value at all times. We have been working with them for a long time and had a lot of success together.”
Alan Brian | Partner, Business Development & PR | MKW Surfaces
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  • What are the challenges I can face if I use JS on my website?

    Using JavaScript on your website can present challenges in getting your content ranked as search engines like Google struggle to crawl and index JavaScript code. So, even if you add valuable and interesting content to the site, it may not rank on the first page of SERP.
  • Is it difficult to optimize JS content without the help of an agency?

    Optimizing JavaScript content on your own is doable if you understand JavaScript and SEO well. You can learn from online resources and tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It might be tough – especially if the code included is complex. Testing and fixing things require expertise and efficacy. Getting help from an agency can expedite the process of getting your JS content ranked and showing up in search results.
  • Can Google crawl Ajax, node.js, and Javascript?

    Yes, Google can crawl Ajax, Node.js, and JavaScript content to a certain extent. However, it’s essential to implement best SEO practices for JavaScript-rich content, such as providing clear HTML fallback content, optimizing for mobile usability, and avoiding excessive reliance on JavaScript for critical website elements. By following these guidelines, we ensure that your JavaScript-based website is effectively crawled and indexed by search engines like Google.
  • Does JS affect SEO?

    Yes, JavaScript code on a website affects its SEO. Now, search engines can crawl and index JS-driven content, but complexities persist. Issues like rendering delays or improperly implemented JS can hinder indexing. Utilizing best practices, like server-side rendering or ensuring accessibility, helps optimize JS for SEO.

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