Martech Solutions from Techmagnate:
Discovery, Conversion, Engagement, Retention

Depending on the industry, a customer’s journey – from acquisition to engagement to repeated purchases – can be a long and time consuming process. For brands, gaining visibility into the multiple checkpoints with their customers is extremely important.

With the right Martech stack, brands can implement more effective marketing strategies across all touchpoints and channels and at every stage of the customer’s journey.

With Techmagnate’s curated Martech services and solutions, brands can position themselves for optimum customer engagement, all the way to successful business growth.

  • Identity Resolution
  • Realtime Events
  • Events, Behavior Capturing
  • Data Aggregation
  • Real Time Customer Experience
  • Gain In-depth & Actionable Insight
  • Customer Journeys
  • Al Optimisation of Campaign
  • Effortless Engagement Workflows
  • Create Dynamic User Segments
  • Visitor Behavior Tracking
  • No-code testing
  • A/B Testing. Experimentation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Heatmaps, Clicks tracking
  • Server side testing
  • Local SEO Automation
  • Lead Capture & Automation
  • Listing Management
  • Online to offline
  • Ratings, Reviews, Region
  • App Growth Marketing
  • Revenue Attribution
  • Installation tracking & Conversion tracking
  • App Store Optimization
  • Increase Engagement & LTV
  • In-mobile marketing
  • Linking & Measurement Support
  • Segmentation based upsell
  • Multiple Apps Standardisation
8M+ Personalized shopping moments*
400M+ Monthly engaged & active users*
45B+ Monthly messages sent*
$12B Additional revenue delivered*
Up to 40% Increase in conversion rates*

*Techmagnate's Partners Impact Numbers

Brands We’ve Worked With

Martech Services for Your Business Growth

It’s All About Connecting with Your Customers One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is figuring out how to personally connect with their customers on a larger scale while staying efficient.
How can brands pinpoint their user journeys, customize their offers, nurture their relationships, and grow the business while staying profitable?

Enter Martech solutions.

Martech tools and solutions can make it simple and easy for your brand to:

  • Get a 360-degree view of customers across all touchpoints
  • Make growth-focused and informed decisions driven by unified data
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Engage with customers across multiple channels
  • Automate critical marketing processes
  • Attribute your revenues and spends to the right channels
  • Conduct in-depth customer behavior analyses
  • Identify conversion opportunities

End-to-End Martech Consulting Agency

We provide end-to-end martech consulting services that enable businesses to go the whole mile. Our team ensures we guide you through the entire martech ecosystem

Starting with strategy development to implementation and optimization; ensuring seamless integration and effective utilization of marketing technology tools to meet business objectives; and running your analytics to draw workable conclusions at scale.

Martech Services Provided by Techmagnate

Consulting & Adoption

  • Problem area Identification
  • Growth area identification
  • Business KPI to Solution alignment
  • Martech stack consulting
  • Platform Solution planning
  • Use-case planning
  • Automation planning
  • Training and onboarding
  • Channel planning

Execution & Management

  • Solution implementation
  • Testing, Experimenting & Re-implementing
  • Data Source integration
  • Solution Optimization
  • Journey & Campaign Orchestration
  • NPS, CSAT campaigns
  • SEO Optimization
  • Integrations & customizations

Analytics & Insights

  • Custom reporting & Dashboards
  • Report automation
  • ROI & cost analysis
  • RFM & Business KPI metrics reports

Techmagnate’s Martech Consulting Services

We’re Solving Problems You Can’t See Yet

If you’re still wondering whether a foray into Martech is the right answer for you, we’d like you to think about a few questions.

Did you know ~70% of your site sections have not been viewed by your customers?

Is your customer engagement automated and hyper-personalized?

Is your customer engagement automated and hyper-personalized?

Do you feel like your competitors have better conversion rates than your brand?

Have you been losing your customers to your competitors?

Our agency provides end-to-end Martech services and works with you to truly refine your marketing funnel – from acquisition to nurturing to conversion.

We provide you with a feature-rich platform and customize your engagement scenarios to capture every possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Martech services?

    Martech services encompass a broad spectrum of technologies and strategies designed to streamline and optimize marketing efforts. These services integrate various tools and platforms to enhance customer engagement, analyze data, automate marketing tasks, and ultimately drive better business outcomes. They include everything from brand discovery, analytics and automation to customer relationship management (CRM) content engagement platforms (CX, CEP), conversion optimization tools (CRO) and customer data platforms (CDP).
  • Which industries can benefit from Martech services?

    Businesses across industries - like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, FMCD, FMCG, Telecom, Hospitality, and more - can benefit from Martech services, particularly those aiming to enhance their marketing effectiveness, efficiency, and ROI. This includes B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to enterprise-level organizations. Marketing teams, growth teams, retail teams, sales teams, and even customer support teams can leverage Martech services to improve their workflows, journeys, personalize customer interactions, and gain deeper insights into audience behavior.
  • What does a Martech consulting agency like Techmagnate do?

    Martech consulting agencies specialize in providing strategic guidance, expertise, and support to businesses seeking to optimize their marketing technology efforts via recommending the right solutions for customer acquisition, growth, retention & engagement. These agencies offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each client, including Martech stack audits, Solutioning, business to platform alignment, platform management, growth KPI alignment, strategy development, implementation assistance, and ongoing ROI driven optimization. They help businesses select the right tools and platforms, integrate them effectively, and leverage data-driven insights to enhance marketing performance to achieve their business goals. Martech consulting agencies also stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies in the rapidly evolving Martech landscape, ensuring their clients remain competitive and innovative in their marketing endeavors.
  • What does a modern Martech stack include?

    A Martech stack comprises a collection of software tools, platforms, and technologies that work together to support various marketing functions. A full stack typically includes components such as CDP, CRM, CX, DMP, XM, ORM systems, marketing automation platforms, multi-channel marketing software, Conversion Optimization tools, Online Reputation management or social media management tools, Local SEO & Listing automation tools, analytics and reporting tools, content management systems, and advertising platforms. Additionally, data management platforms (DMPs), customer data platforms (CDPs), and AI-driven tools for personalization and predictive analytics are becoming increasingly integral to modern Martech stacks. Each component plays a distinct role in the marketing ecosystem, helping businesses attract, engage, and retain customers effectively.
  • How will Techmagnate help our company with Martech consulting?

    We help you close in on the most effective Martech stack for your company along with helping you put in a clear and detailed roadmap for the way ahead. Once we begin working with you, we will also collaborate with your teams to guide them through the entire defined process. Whether your biggest need is guidance on adoption and planning, with campaign execution, or with translating hard data into actionable insights, our team will be there to help.
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