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  • Delivered an average growth of 47% in traffic and 134% in leads for the education industry in 2021-2022
  • Won the Best Digital Marketing Campaign for an Educational Enterprise at mCube Awards 2019
  • Best Performance Driven Mobile Campaign in 2018 for SEO services rendered to a leading Education Portal
  • We are one of the only 65 Google Premier Partners out of 4000 partner digital agencies in the country
  • 150+ in-house team of experts specializing in SEO and digital marketing

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of education, it’s challenging to attract students or parents, now more than ever. The generation is digital savvy and considers endless parameters when choosing an educational institution. It is imperative for colleges, universities, and institutes to up their digital game if they want to increase the admissions count. It is time to look at the way you deliver information and connect with your audience to meet those enrollment targets.

We at Techmagnate, a leading digital marketing agency, understand the challenges of the education industry. We can help you reach more students and thereby, increase enrollment through our tailored strategy for digital marketing for the education sector. Get your hands on a digital marketing blueprint aligned with your immediate goals, optimize your website for the most popular searches in the community, and improve the ranking for your institute in search engines.

Some of our successful Digital Marketing Services for Educational Institutes

For an industry where information is king, having a comprehensive and informative platform is the only way to gain the trust of students and parents alike. Our offerings include detailed digital marketing for the education industry, educational institution advertisement, boosted SEO results, and more.

  • Search Engine Optimization services

    Search Engine Optimization services

    As SEO leaders, we help you reach the top of SERPs. Our team specializes in bringing in higher traffic and building better visibility, especially on school listing sites that shape decisions. We adopt the best marketing strategies for educational institutions by targeting the right students and ensuring they easily find the information they want on your website.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement

    Paid Marketing

    We have generated leads for our clients in the education industry using strategic and success-driven paid ads. The result: increased admissions, page views and course registrations. Through our paid marketing campaigns, we can help you scale your admission and student outreach while also boosting the sale of your online courses.

  • Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile App Marketing

    The EdTech industry needs mobile app marketing to reach their students. After all, mobile phones are the go-to-source for all queries! Leveraging app store optimization, mobile app marketing, and targeted campaigns, our team will help you get a higher rank on app stores. Contact us to grow your user-base and increase the number of online applications.

  • Website Design & Development

    Website Design & Development

    First impressions are critical more so when reaching out to a diverse community of students and parents. As a leading digital marketing agency for the education industry, our cutting-edge website solutions include everything from consultation to design and development. We bring a great user experience to students, parents, and stakeholders.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media is an exciting way to engage with your existing students as well as to acquire and connect with students seeking admission to a new institute. With informative posts, videos, targeted ads, a digital marketing strategy for educational institutes, and more, we can help your institute become an impactful brand that can voice trust and credibility.

  • Video Marketing & YouTube SEO

    Video Marketing

    Video marketing builds an interactive engagement with your students. We help you turn your multi-paged process documents, course highlights, upcoming announcements, events, and more into easy-to-consume exciting content. YouTube SEO helps increase user engagement with educational and EdTech websites as well.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation Management

    As a top-ranked digital marketing agency for education, we can help you maintain and repair your online reputation in the educational landscape. How? By removing fake negative comments, pushing up positive reviews & feedback in search engines & other platforms. We will be engaging with your critics to identify & resolve grievances and reshape your digital identity.

  • Local Listing

    Local Listing

    Local listings and local SEO help students find you easily and instantly. As a leading digital player, we understand that these are crucial for educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. Our dedicated efforts will makes it easy to find information about your institution in the targeted cities and localities, thereby, increase the number of online enquiries.

  • Quora Marketing & Advertising

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    As part of CRO campaigns, we study the marketing funnel closely and make improvements! We do so by designing admission and course landing pages to outline your admission process, online sign-up facility, revised course curriculum, etc. With Conversion Rate Optimization, we will increase leads and expedite course enrolments and admissions at a faster rate.

Who can benefit from our Digital Marketing Services for Education Sector:

Online Education/EdTech Companies

The cramped online education space demands a high brand visibility to improve admissions. Our end-to-end digital marketing strategy for the education sector revolves around powerful SEO techniques, content marketing, ORM and paid media do just that! Whether it is for your website, course pages, admissions pages, social media, or mobile apps, we help map out the ideal consumer journey that the students and their parents take when choosing an institute.


Are you a new age university looking to target the disruptors and achievers? Or are you an established college facing enrollment shortage? We execute cost-effective student recruitment strategies to attract national and international students. With an optimized holistic digital marketing for universities, we help create an impactful brand, engage with potential applicants, and amplify your online presence.


Are you effectively connecting with the parents, your primary target audience? Can they trust you with their child’s academic performance, sports and other activities and emotional stability? Our digital marketing of educational services will build trust and credibility for your school, thus encouraging parents to choose your school for their precious child. Make your institute’s education marketing visible with our adept team of SEO experts!

Training Institutes

With new entrants joining the landscape, how do you convince students about your institute’s USPs? We give your institute a digital space in sync with your goals and vision. Our Content Marketing, ORM, digital marketing for educational institutions, and SEO services can help you scale up admissions quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Client Speak
“We really liked the way Techmagnate planned in implementing SEO strategies. Keep up the good work, looking forward for more growth.”
Kshitij | DM Manager | Launch My Career
“Proud of Techmagnate’s work! Their team has done an awesome job on our SEO project and we are very happy to see these fantastic results. We look forward to continuing this great engagement with them.”
Anand M | Co-Founder | Aglasem
“Techmagnate, its inspiring leader and dedicated team became that partner and much more. I thank them for their professionalism, support, patience (yes, things got demanding in between 🙂 and respectful demeanor at all times! I got so many comments when the site was launched; my favourite one is from my best pal in London – ‘It really looks amazing and very professionally done…importantly, it inspires a lot of confidence and trust.’ Thank you Techmagnate. I recommend you wholeheartedly 🙂 “
Charushilla Narula | Founder | University Connections
“I am very happy with this Company. They really Hard worker + Honesty. they really improve our website in a Digital Channel.”
Dilip Singh Kharra | International Maritime Institute | Indian Maritime Institute
“We have been working with Techmagnate for 2 years and plan to continue working with them for many more. They helped us achieve the top position in Google search, and we recommend Techmagnate to all businesses looking for digital success”
Nitin Gusain | Manager – SEO & Web Assets | Global Schools Foundation
“It is fantastic that we have onboarded an agency like Techmagnate as these guys help us in so many ways that I feel like we can truly call them a partner because now they have actually become an extension of our team. We love working with them, they are really communicative and take account of all of our opinions and ideas for social media. I highly recommend them to everyone out there!”
Mohit Jindal | Co-Founder | Study IQ
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Why choose Techmagnate:

As a leading digital marketing agency in the education landscape, we work with schools, international schools, higher education institutes, online education and EdTech companies and training institutes. Backed by SEO and other services, we help you deliver the right information to the right audience.

Create a global impact

Students are no longer restricted by geographies. They are searching institutes online and looking at both local and international options. Our educational marketers specialize in understanding the unique requirement of students. We can convince and connect with students from different countries to impact the enrollment.

Help to increase application

The admission funnel can become a hive of activity with the meticulously planned digital campaigns. We will advise on the website design and help you get on the student’s wishlist! Our multi-pronged marketing strategies will help increase the number of student application you get year-on-year.

Branding and communication

We deliver digital marketing solutions that form an emotional connect with students and their parents. Our team is here to deliver the unique message you want to convey. The end result, better branding, increased visibility leading to more enquires than ever before!

Demonstrated results

We publish a digital report card every year. Last year, we helped our clients from the education industry increase traffic by 47% and leads by 134% on an average. Go to our Digital Report Card to read more about our performance! We clearly know how to impact the admission numbers.

Our Internet Marketing Services Case Studies

Website Traffic for
Education Sector Clients by



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Educational Website by



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across all over campaign



“Our 3 main mantras – Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!”

Sarvesh Bagla
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

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Our digital marketing services also come in convenient, ready-to-buy packages with clearly identified deliverables. Check out our SEO Package, PPC Packages or call us at +91-9910308266 to discuss a customized plan to meet your precise business needs.


  • What is SEO for educational institutions?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical digital tool for educational institutions to grow and build a credible digital presence. While it lets institutes educate and connect with students and respective stakeholders. it also ensures that they get listed effectively in search results to the right audience.

  • Why Should Institutes Go For Digital Marketing?

    The landscape of education, especially coaching institutes, is ever-evolving. It is hence imperative for institutes to adapt fast to the rising competition and changing times. The amount of time students spend online has also increased massively in the last two years and digital marketing helps you reach them in their way. It also helps you reach a wider audience, scale the admission count, streamline recruitment, and grow your revenue.

  • Do schools need digital marketing?

    Schools need to find more efficient ways to reach parents and digital marketing plays a big role in the same. Using digital marketing for improving the website, boosting SEO, and increasing engagement doesn’t let parents learn more about the school but also helps the institute strengthen its online reputation and lead to positive engagement with parents and potential partners.

  • What is the best digital marketing strategy for EdTech business?

    With digital education gradually becoming the norm, EdTech businesses stand at the cusp of a great opportunity to market their solutions, increase awareness and build on brand reach. A significant challenge in EdTech is that the visitors to the sites are different from the students that enroll. Keeping this in mind is very important in any digital marketing and communication strategy. The ideal digital marketing strategy for EdTech should largely revolve around:

    • Focus on SEO to gain visibility in search
    • Email marketing to target various decision-makers
    • Video and social media marketing to enhance engagement and grab eyeballs
    • PPC marketing to generate leads
  • How to market an educational product?

    While there are multiple mediums to market your services and offerings as an educational institute, there are some that prove more effective than traditional marketing. Relevant local listing, exciting videos that translate heavy content into interesting and simpler explainer clips that students can relate to easily. Back this with user-generated content that focuses on building a community, email marketing campaigns, impactful social media presence are some potential solutions.

  • What are the best marketing strategies for educational institutions?

    By carefully integrating all channels, educational institutes can garner more students and visibility. Social media is an effective mouthpiece when it comes to the student community. It’s also equally imperative to have a mobile-friendly website that encompasses everything a concerned parent or a student might want to know about an institute. An institute can further build a positive community with frequent emailers, online reputation management, newsletters, and informative targeted advertising.

  • Why do I need to create a social media presence for an educational institution?

    Having an online presence can help build authentic relationships with your existing and potential audience. Educating the relevant students also helps them make informed decisions and as an educational institute, that’s the first step to building credibility. Moreover, the education sector has been experiencing a massive boom in the digital world amidst the current shifts in the last two years and hence it is a vital way to reach students and gain traction where they are present the most.

  • What is local SEO and how can it help schools and colleges?

    Local Search Engine Optimization helps promote your school or college with improved rankings when a user is going through a variety of search results. A large majority of website traffic comes from branded search and it is hence important for schools and colleges to optimize their website and content to appear in the results. To make it more effective, institutes must ensure that their website is mobile-friendly and SEO-backed. Institutes must also make sure that online ratings and reviews are being looked into and reputation gaps are being resolved immediately. A holistic SEO strategy can not only bring you more students but also help you make your institute into an impactful brand.

  • How does digital marketing boost admissions?

    With student-oriented website content and interesting communications, an institute aims to build a positive experience for both students and their parents. How you position yourself is an important part of the decision-making process and digital marketing plays a large role in doing so. Digital Marketing also eases the process by which students consume information and makes relevant information accessible to the relevant user base.

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