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MCube Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Educational Institution Digital Enterprise Summit - Award for Digital Excellence in Insurance / Financial Services Drivers of Digital Awards- Best Search Marketing Campaign Google Premier Partner - Techmagnate Top 5 SEO Companies in India By Silicon India Listed in Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies by Mobile App Daily


As an SEO firm with decades of collective experience, we at Techmagnate understand one thing very well – the importance of trust and reputation. SEO is a collection of practices that prove to audiences and search engines alike that your business deserves to be the top source of information on any given topic or keyword – and that requires trust, and reputation.

And in the world of SEO, nothing is as safe, effective and reliable in building your SERP as guest posting.

What is the Perfect Guest Post?

Guest blogging services are an SEO practice insofar that they establish a mention and link to your business elsewhere in the web – preferably someplace reputable. The perfect guest post, then, is subtle, entertaining, qualitative, and worth reading – all while being hosted on a website that, when linked back to you, affords you the benefit of an improved reputation by association.

However, just as there are quality guest blogging services out there, there are countless “affordable” scams posting low-quality content on ill-curated websites. The result? Search engines associate your business with low quality, assign you a low reputation, and force your metrics into new lows.

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"Our 3 main mantras - Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!"

Sarvesh Bagla, the CEO of Techmagnate - Digital Marketing Agency
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

Why We’re Different

We don’t promise hundreds of posts in a manner of days – we offer limited, exclusively well-written posts on high authority websites, with actual real SEO value. That’s because we believe in quality over quantity, and because we live and breathe that philosophy of content creation.

With Techmagnate, you’re buying more than just the typically guest blogging service – you’re buying a better reputation, a grateful and captured audience, and the power of quality.

Our Outreach, Blogging and Guest Posting Services

  • Keyword-focused content

    What matters in guest posting is the quality of the post, the quality of the website it’s hosted on, and the relevance you have to the content of the post. That is why our content isn’t just applicable to your business – it’s tailored around your products or services.

  • A unique voice

    We don’t work with mediocre writers or produce cookie-cutter content – our guest posts are entertaining, and come with a unique, active voice that draws an audience and offers them quality information, being both witty and educational.

  • A subtle approach to promotion

    Guest posts cannot be blatant in their goal, but your business does have to play a major role in them. For that, subtlety and quality writing is absolutely necessary.

  • SEO’s best practices

    Aside from keyword placement, grammar, style and voice, out guest posts come equipped with outbound links, relevant images, secondary keywords and other SEO essentials – and not just the bare bones stuff.

Why Guest Posts Matter

Aside from being interesting to read, guest posts are a verified and safe way to consistently build backlinks, which are vitally important to your website’s search engine optimization services. That means they’re important to making sure your business gets found online, long before your competitors.

Backlinks are the bread and butter of search engine reputation – through the number of mentions, and quality of mentions you possess, search engines can most reliably gauge how valuable your content and web presence really is. As a top-notch guest post agency, we here at Techmagnate work hard to prove to search engines that your web presence is extremely valuable.

Client Speak
“Understanding the restrictions of the client and probably trying a different approach for different clients could be helpful. Everything else is very smooth. Kudos.”
Srishti Goel | Bewakoof
“We greatly appreciate the business relationship we have had with Techmagnate for the last six months. They have helped us learn business strategies from a digital marketing point of view. The team is amazing and so has been their support.”
Hemnath | CEO | Enrich
“We at the Denis Ferranti Group have been a client for the last twelve months and have found the experience rewarding and effective. We have seen a significant increase in our web traffic as result of their efforts.”
Richard Parkinson | Sales Manager | Denis Ferranti Group
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Start Benefitting Now

Backlinks are a practice that takes time and consistency to start paying off – the sooner you have guest posts linking back to you, the more you benefit.

What are you waiting for? Get started today, and reap the benefits tomorrow.


  • Why is Guest Blogging Important?

    Guest blogging is when an established blogger or website publishes content under the name of another person or a guest blogger on their site. This can be a blog post, an infographic, or even a podcast. The main purpose of guest posts is for your work to be seen by as many people as possible so that it generates more traffic and leads for your business.

    Importance of Guest Blogging:

    • It helps build relationships with other bloggers in your niche and beyond, which could open up opportunities for collaborations in the future.

    • It increases your exposure on search engines like Google and Bing, which brings more traffic to your site and creates opportunities for new leads.

    • It helps drive traffic back to your own site by providing links at the bottom of each post linking back to your website or landing page (if applicable).

    • It helps to reach a wider audience. By writing on other blogs in your niche, you can reach new readers who may not have seen your content before.

  • Do you provide guest posting services for all niches?

    Yes, we do provide guest posting services for all niches, including healthcare, software & technology, marketing, iGaming, BFSI, etc.

  • When Can I Expect to See Results of Guest Posting?

    SEO is not a quick fix. There are no word count limits or speed to results. It takes patience, consistency, and a ton of work. Guest blogging is a crucial element in your SEO campaign. It takes some time and effort to blog for different web publishers and see the results.

  • Why Choose Techmagnate as Your Guest Blogging Partner?

    Techmagnate is a well-known name in the field of providing excellent diverse quality content, reviewing, and ranking services to customers online. We have an outstanding reputation for our guest blogging services, blogs for brand mentions, link building, and creating high-quality content for blogs and web pages.

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