What Makes Us The Best PPC Management Company In India

  • One of Only 50 Google Premier Partners Out of 4,000 PPC Agencies in India
  • Top 10 Best Integrated Search (SEO & PPC) Companies in India – TopSEOs, March 2022
  • Rated in the Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in India – THE MANIFEST, March 2022
  • Preferred Paid Marketing Partner to India’s No.1 Private Hospital Chain

Our PPC Advertising Services in India

Here’s a list of our pay-per-click marketing services in India:

  • Search Advertising

    Search Advertising

    Search ads appear to prospects searching for products/services you offer, and generate high-quality leads.
  • Display Advertising

    Display Advertising

    Display ads are good for branding / awareness and remarketing through images, banners, creative copies, etc., that appear on display ad networks.
  • Social Media Advertising

    Social Media Advertising

    Social media platforms offer excellent targeting capabilities, which bolsters your overall marketing strategy and even drives sales.
  • Re Marketing


    Remarketing ads appear to people who have already visited your website and shown interest in making a purchase.

  • Product Listing Ads

    Google Shopping Ads

    Google Shopping Ads are ideal for online retail and ecommerce businesses; these are shown in a carousel above natural search results, and shopping section, GDN. etc.

  • Explore PPC Packages

    Explore PPC Packages

    Check our PPC packages to choose a service plan suited to your business objectives.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Challenges We Help You Overcome

Requiring thoughtful execution of the campaigns to manage the budget and drive results, pay-per-click marketing has several challenges.

  • Acquiring the hot ad spaces without exhausting the budget
  • Publishing relevant ads without incurring ad fatigue
  • Driving targeted traffic and getting meaningful clicks on the ads
  • Fully utilizing the limited ad space and creating impactful copies
  • Creating landing pages that have a minimal bounce rate and facilitate higher conversions
  • Continuously updating the ads with the latest trends and changes in the market

Book a consultation with our experts to resolve these marketing challenges and drive strategic campaigns at a great ROAS.

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

Our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services Case Studies

Leads for a
Hospital Chain by



Spend-to-Sales for
Fortis Healthworld by



Leads for an



“Our 3 main mantras – Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!”

Sarvesh Bagla
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Our Blueprint for Offering Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Being a Google premier partner, we’re a data-led paid marketing services provider, i.e., whether it is branding or lead generation, our clients can measure the delivered growth with data metrics.

  • ASO Analyze

    1. Strategic Planning & Execution

    Our PPC experts perform an in-depth analysis of PPC marketing challenges unique to your industry, objectives, and the target customers. This exercise irons out all the inaccuracies and helps us collect the right information to execute highly-targeted and effective PPC campaigns to prospects most likely to convert.
  • ASO Strategy

    2. Paid Campaign Refinement

    Once done, we refine the executed paid campaigns by optimizing the landing pages, ad copies, CTA placement, bidding strategy, etc. The idea is to reduce the CPC and CPA while maximizing the results, and our strategy ensures that brands get a better ROAS while driving excellent results.
  • ASO Action

    3. Performance Reporting & Improvement

    The final step is to generate performance reports and share them with the clients frequently. The reports have a dynamic dashboard containing all the crucial details such as CTR, ROAS, Traffic, Impressions, CPL, CPA, etc. Based on the findings, we further optimize the campaign and capitalize on the high-performing areas.

Why Choose Techmagnate For PPC Services in India

  • Unmatched Portfolio

    We have managed PPC campaigns for brands across industries such as Education, BFSI, E-commerce, and Healthcare.

  • Proven Expertise

    We’re a Google Premier Partner and have professional search marketers well-versed in executing result-driven PPC campaigns for your brand.

    Our Team
  • Performance-Driven

    We delivered digital success to our clients by registering an avg. growth of 115% in conversions and a reduction of 17% in CPA.

    Digital Report Card


  • Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

    If executed well, PPC is ideal for all businesses, irrespective of the industry. Through PPC marketing, you can achieve objectives like brand awareness, lead generation, demand generation, and so much more. What’s great about PPC is that it gets you results quickly. However, running a PPC campaign requires expertise and a data-driven approach to get the results. If you tackle all these things strategically, pay-per-click advertising yields great results for your business.

  • Why should I pay for SEM?

    Paying for search engine marketing means you liaise with PPC experts who know all the nitty-gritties to make your campaign successful. In addition, you’ll get measurable results to assess what the return was, what leads you generated, and how much did you spend for a lead and click, etc., ensuring you get a better ROAS.

  • What are some common mistakes in PPC marketing?

    Remember, pay-per-click advertising means you pay for every click, i.e., it is easy to exhaust your budget on a poorly managed PPC campaign. Let’s look at some common mistakes in PPC marketing:

    • #1. Targeting broad range keywords without the proper usage of modifiers,
    • #2. Ignoring the significance of negative keywords,
    • #3. Writing ad copies that aren’t in sync with the landing pages,
    • #4. Bidding more than what seems cost-effective, and
    • #5. Not giving adequate attention to the landing page.

    Pay Per Click advertising & management is a detailed process that requires a lot of research and analysis. It’s imperative that you choose a PPC company that offers professional pay-per-click advertising services and will get you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

  • How long does it take to see results?

    Unlike SEO, you can start getting results from PPC fairly quickly. However, these results are only going to be related to impressions and clicks. It takes some time to get impactful results in terms of qualified leads and conversions. This is primarily because a lot goes into optimizing the ads, like A/B testing, to see what kind of ads your target audience is responding to. Remember, PPC advertising is a continuous process, and the more you optimize the campaigns, the better results you can achieve and, eventually, get good returns.

  • Where will my PPC ads appear?

    PPC ads can be of different kinds – search ads, display ads, social media ads, merchant center ads, and mobile ads. Where you want your PPC ads to appear depends on your business, target audience, and marketing objectives. We recommend using a mixture of various ad channels to maximize your reach and get desired results.

  • I see my competitor’s ads everywhere. How can I do that?

    We closely research your competitor’s activities – a number of tools online allow us to do that. If they’ve been appearing on search ads, we closely examine the keywords your competitors are using. If you want to beat your competitors, we can place higher bids, which may increase the CPL or CPA. However, we also focus on the quality score, landing page experience, ad copies, etc., which means you can beat your competitors strategically with more impactful ads.

  • How do I define “success” in a PPC campaign?

    There are various success metrics for a PPC campaign, such as cost per click, cost per acquisition, click-through rate, lead conversions, return on ad spend, etc. These are all quantifiable metrics, so defining success for your PPC campaign is a straightforward process. Another thing to note is that you need to define success as per objectives.

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