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  • Preferred digital partner and internet marketing services provider to #1 and #2 Hospital in India.
  • Helped the #1 online pharmacy in India recover from Google Penalty and rebuilt their organic traffic
  • Increased online doctor appointments by 2X through organic sessions for the 2nd largest chain of hospitals in India.
  • Reduced the PPC spend-to-sales ratio by 72% for Fortis Healthworld (Fortis Pharmacy), helping them get closer to profitability for their eCommerce operations.
  • Helped a leading cancer research institute leverage digital channels to drive new patient registrations.

Who can Benefit from our Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare:

As a leading name for digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry, we are a true marketing partner. Our digital marketing services for the healthcare industry are designed to assist healthcare organizations and practitioners reach and engage with their target audiences. Through a combination of website design, SEO, content marketing, and social media management, we help a diverse range of healthcare partners attract new patients, increase awareness of your healthcare brand, generate leads, and more.

  • Hospitals (Single and Multi-Specialty) – We help hospitals get visibility with SEO, and execute paid campaigns, social media, and digital marketing practices, among other things. We can help with lead generation and have your hospital known and acknowledged amongst your target audience. Get patient appointments like never before and increase ROI at the same time.
  • HealthTech companies – HealthTech companies (both start-ups and stalwarts) can gain more traction and visibility with our complete suite of digital marketing company services, including app marketing, social media marketing services, YouTube marketing, SEO, PPC(pay per click), lead generation, etc. Get connected to the right audience with more traffic and more leads.
  • Health Aggregators – Health aggregators can see an increase in leads and traffic as well with our digital marketing company services. Explore the endless possibilities of availing competitive digital services from a company that has delivered proven results for its clients in the healthcare niche.
  • Pharma Companies – We can help Pharma companies promote their products online, enhance e-commerce for their OTC drugs and connect with hospitals and doctors online. Avail our digital marketing services to become the go-to pharma company for your target audience.
  • Pharmacies – Whether you’re an individual pharmacy or an established pharmacy chain with multiple outlets, you need digital marketing company. We can increase your reach and help you attract more customers in your immediate locality and spur growth in your e-commerce operations.

Our Digital Marketing Services Case Studies

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Our Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaigns Deliver Exceptional ROI

As per our recently published digital report card, we analysed our own performance across all our clients in the healthcare industry in 2021-2022. On average, our healthcare clients have seen a growth of 316% in leads/ appointment booked.

As a partner to some of the largest and most successful healthcare organizations in the world, we’ve executed successful campaigns, delivering exceptional ROI. Here are a few examples:

  • We delivered a 2X increase in booked doctor appointments through organic sessions for the 2nd largest chain of hospitals in India.
  • We helped the #1 online pharmacy in India recover from Google Penalty and rebuild their organic traffic
  • We reduced PPC spends-to-sales ratio by 72% for Fortis Healthworld (Fortis Pharmacy) helping them get closer to profitability for their ecommerce operations.
  • We helped a leading cancer research institute leverage digital to drive new patient registrations

Learn more about our performance with healthcare clients by taking a look at our Digital Report Card right here.

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    As a brand that excels in search engine optimization, we can assist you to achieve SEO success. Our SEO services include conducting keyword research to ensure website keyword optimization and on-page and off-page SEO. We can also design treatment pages to outline how you can treat patients suffering from different medical conditions.

  • Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile App Marketing

    Patients reach for their mobile phones in case of emergency, queries, or confusion. The need for a mobile-friendly marketing strategy cannot be ignored in healthcare. Taking this into account, we leveraged App store optimization, mobile app marketing, and launched campaigns to grow the user base for our clients.

  • Paid Marketing

    Paid Marketing

    We assist our healthcare clients using performance-driven paid campaigns with proven results in areas such as increased appointments, OPD registrations, etc.

  • Local Listings

    Local Listings

    We optimize your website and pages for local and build the GMB profile for local listing. Using these strategies, we help local patients find your healthcare practice and hospitals.

  • Video Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Our video production and marketing strategies help you create video campaigns and informational, user engagement, and explainer videos to increase site engagement, leads, and transactions.

  • Quora Based Content Marketing

    Quora Based Content Marketing

    Questions that were answered by doctors and patients alike helped to generate more content, helped with positive feedback for the hospital and helped generate more referral traffic.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    We helped increase leads and expedite book appointments at a faster speed. We studied the marketing funnel closely and made improvements for conversion rate optimization.

  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    We successfully helped clients create effective affiliate campaigns to augment their online marketing efforts. Choosing a reliable, supportive network partner is vital, and we can help you increase your leads.

  • Bespoke Online Reputation Management

    Bespoke Online Reputation Management

    We can maintain and repair your online reputation by removing fake negative comments, pushing up positive reviews & feedback on search engines & other platforms, and engaging with your critics to identify & resolve grievances and reshape your digital identity.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing FAQs

  • What is healthcare digital marketing?

    Healthcare digital marketing refers to strategies and campaigns that hospitals, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, or individual medical practitioners focus on to achieve critical objectives.

    The goal is to establish a strong online presence, gain credibility, target and convert potential patients, and build brand awareness.

  • Do I need to do digital marketing services for my practice or hospital?

    Digital marketing for clinics and hospitals helps you achieve multiple objectives. You can use various digital mediums to market to patients, build an online presence, educate patients, improve online appointments, find new patients, and much more.

    Today, most hospitals and medical practitioners have started outsourcing their marketing needs to a marketing agency offering digital marketing services. Techmagnate plans and executes digital campaigns, establishes social media presence, identifies trends and insights to build performance-based campaigns, collaborate with creative individuals, and more. We manage your campaigns end-to-end, from ideation to implementation.

  • What is a healthcare marketing strategy?

    A healthcare marketing strategy refers to a set of practices to a series of online marketing strategies adopted and implemented by a healthcare organization to get more patients/leads. It defines the target audience, the key themes and messages you want to convey to your audiences, and how you intend to communicate with them online.

    An effective healthcare marketing strategy will aid you in standing out from the crowd, gain memorability in a very competitive marketplace and promote your services effectively.

  • Why does digital marketing matter for Healthcare Providers?

    If you are a hospital, a clinic, a pharmacy, or a private medical practitioner, you need digital marketing as it can help you retarget old patients and attract new patients that are looking for your niche services.

    • For example, it is common for people to search for symptoms, possible treatments for diseases, alternate therapy options, or doctors near them. Through SEO: a proven digital marketing strategies, you can match” such queries and reach potential new patients.
    • Other digital marketing efforts, such as PPC campaigns, can help you showcase your hospital or private practice on top of a search result. Through a PPC ad, you can attract targeted traffic to your website and influence patients to “discover” your services online.
    • Moreover, you can even target potential patients through niche targeting and audience segmenting, thanks to digital marketing.
    • Other Healthcare digital marketing tactics like email marketing helps you reach out to people who have subscribed to your newsletter. By sending them timely updates of your latest medical service offerings or clinic timings, you can maintain a healthy rapport with your patients and stay connected in the digital age.

    In short, digital marketing matters for healthcare providers as it helps them grow their business.

  • Why should you choose Techmagnate as Healthcare Digital Marketing Company?

    Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your go-to digital marketing services provider for the healthcare industry:

    • Techmagnate is an award-winning agency that offers bespoke healthcare digital marketing services. We can help you meet your goals effectively irrespective of your niche and business specifications.
    • Having worked with several healthcare clients in the past, we are well-versed in the landscape of the industry and have excelled at providing exceptional results, including a 4X growth in traffic and up to 51% increase in leads for the healthcare industry.
    • We will offer a full diagnosis of your current strategy and create a new strategy, conduct competitive analysis, and implement the steps needed to achieve your business goals.
  • Why is Digital Marketing important in Healthcare Industry?

    Digital Marketing is essential in healthcare as it helps a medical facility increase its brand awareness using SEO, targeted outreach, guest posting on relevant websites, and a combination of other marketing services such as PPC, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

  • Why do doctors need digital marketing services?

    Here are some reasons why doctors need digital marketing:

    • Doctors need digital marketing because it helps them target potential customers through digital mediums.
    • Doctors will get more appointment bookings from patients if they have a strong digital presence.

      – For example, doctors with an effective website are more likely to land patients quicker as they appear more authentic and credible. Using a well-designed website, doctors can showcase their speciality, years of experience, awards received (if any), qualification, etc. Without a website, a doctor won’t be able to actively communicate important information like these.

      – Similarly, doctors running a private clinic will get more patients, more inquiries, and more appointments if they have a Google My Business (GMB) account. Moreover, if they have a 4 or 5-star rating and positive reviews from patients, they will likely attract more business via their digital presence.
    • In short, doctors who can execute successful digital marketing practices will attract more clients over someone who doesn’t.
  • How can digital marketing agency help you promote your hospital?

    You can use digital marketing to promote your hospital in the following ways:

    • Social Media Marketing: Maintaining an active presence in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Etc. can help you keep your online presence alive. It can also help you scale your appointment bookings. All you have to do is put in your work phone number in a given platform to enable a patient to reach out.
    • PPC Marketing: If you are a hospital, investing in paid ads can help you boost awareness about your hospital and help you build a brand identity. Complimenting your PPC ads with proper landing pages and CTAs can help you meet your conversion goals faster. Perfecting PPC ads will help you communicate your identity to your audience and encourage them to book a visit if they like what they see.
    • SEO: As an essential part & parcel of digital marketing, SEO helps you rank in google’s search engines. You can target medical keywords to ensure that a particular medical search query leads a visitor to your website. Doing this takes time, but the rewards are unprecedented.
    • Quora marketing: On a Q&A platform, people question – and you answer. It sounds simple on the surface, but there is a lot of work that goes into making it a sustainable business model. You need to target the right questions, build authority, and actively promote your website when you can – both directly and indirectly.
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