Customized and Targeted SEO Services for a Stronger Search Engine Presence

  • Timely pivots to accommodate algorithm updates and industry trends
  • Customized SEO plans to address the unique needs of your business
  • Detailed and precise projections for ensuring our clients’ success
  • Dedicated teams for your account management
  • Transparent reporting and seamless communication

Our Awards and Accolades

MCube Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Educational Institution Digital Enterprise Summit - Award for Digital Excellence in Insurance / Financial Services Drivers of Digital Awards- Best Search Marketing Campaign Google Premier Partner - Techmagnate Top 5 SEO Companies in India By Silicon India Listed in Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies by Mobile App Daily


Run a Data-led SEO Campaign to Increase Your Revenue

A customized SEO strategy featuring rich and relevant content powered by data-led decisions is critical for ensuring a successful marketing campaign. Because, let’s face it, if you don’t have a strong presence online, then you’re not getting any revenue.

But a business can’t survive on SEO alone. You must pay attention to the overall user-experience, making sure you build an engaging website that shows the right information in all of the right places.

A data-driven SEO campaign can:

  • Improve your website’s rankings: Dedicated effort on improving your website’s SEO will help you rank higher than your competitors, resulting in traffic from the audience that matters to you.
  • Generate qualified leads: Once you hit your search engine and traffic goals, the next natural step is getting qualified leads and higher conversions for your business.
  • Expand your brand awareness: When executed with intelligence and data insights, an organic search campaign can help you ensure greater visibility in your industry or business vertical. This is critical for building greater brand recall with your target audiences.

Search engine optimization is a complex and ever-changing arena, which is why our team stays constantly updated with industry innovations. We also have a deep understanding of how search engines work, allowing us to develop and implement effective SEO strategies for our clients.

SEO Services We Offer

SEO Case Studies

Techmagnate’s search engine optimization services have been designed with a focus on our clients’ success. We are a data-led SEO services provider in India, driven by the desire to see your brand connect with the right audience for your growth.

Increased Loan Inquiries By 944% For Indian NBFC

Increased Loan Inquiries By 944% For An Indian NBFC

Increased Sales By 442% For Get My Books In 6 Months

Increased Sales By 442% For Get My Books (An Online Bookstore) In 6 Months

Increased Organic Traffic of Bajaj Finserv Health

Increased Organic Traffic of Bajaj Finserv Health by 176%

Boost Your Visibility on Search Engines


Choose An SEO Package Suitable For Your Business
    100+ Keywords
    250+ Keywords
    500+ Keywords
    1000+ Keywords

Why Choose Techmagnate for SEO Services?

We’re the largest SEO services agency in India for a good reason. With nearly 20 years in the industry, we have built a team of 300 highly qualified SEO and marketing professionals who work with hundreds of businesses to improve their Google ranking, website traffic, brand awareness, and online revenue.

We are known for responding quickly to algorithm updates, making pivots on time, and providing full transparency in our client communication.

  • Discover icon


    The first step is audience discovery – who are they, what do they need, and how can you help?

  • SEO Analyzing


    A health-check of your site as it is – what shape is your website in? How much time do people spend on your site? How many places is it broken in?

  • SEO Strategizes


    We arrive at the best way forward – can you rank for all the keywords you want to target? Does your site need a link cleanup? Will guest posts help?

  • proven seo process icon


    Early analytics are the foundation of success – how are your campaigns performing?

  • SEO Reporting


    The most comprehensive reporting necessary for your business to grow in all the right ways

  • ethical seo icon


    We’re led by data to make the most informed decisions – what do we need to fix? What do we carry forward?

Work With an Award-Winning SEO Agency

A Promise from Our SEO Team

Our team implements only white-hat SEO practices and strictly follows guidelines shared by search engines like Google and Bing.

In addition to our commitment to ethical SEO practices, we also prioritize transparency and open communication. We believe in keeping you informed with regular updates on the strategies we employ and the progress we make in boosting your online visibility. Our dedicated SEO team is here to not only enhance your online presence organically but also to build trust and long-lasting success of your website.

Our Scorecard

  • 107% Increase in Leads for BFSI Clients

  • 139% Growth in Leads for Healthcare Clients

  • 125% Increase in Leads for eCommerce Clients

  • 213% Increase in Website Traffic for EdTech Clients

More impressive results on our Digital Report Card. Download now

SEO Client Testimonial
“We have a great business relationship with Techmagnate. We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn’t deliver results and I’am happy to say Techmagnate is doing that for us.”
Raj Kumar | Sales Head – Marketing & PR | Croyez Immigration
“We would like to thank the Techmagnate team for their services. We also appreciate your efforts towards providing us better service and we hope we associate again for more work.”
Abhipsa | Marketing Manager & PR | Maventic
“Techmagnate is a professional and reliable company which offers great value at all times. We have been working with them for a long time and had a lot of success together.”
Alan Brian | Partner, Business Development & PR | MKW Surfaces
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SEO Engagement Models

You can partner with Techmagnate to get solutions tailored specially for your unique needs. Are you a CEO or Marketing Manager looking to increase your brand’s digital footprint or a start-up looking for consultation? We have got you covered in our dynamic SEO Engagement Models.

  • SEO Plans (Enterprise Plans)

    You can onboard us as an SEO Agency by choosing a suitable SEO package, and we’ll do the heavy lifting of managing SEO for your brand end-to-end.

    View SEO Plans
  • SEO Consulting

    If you already have an in-house SEO team and need experts to step in for strategy and monitoring, you can onboard us as SEO Consultants.

    Get Consulting Quote
  • Dedicated SEO Resources

    You can hire a dedicated SEO resource or even a remote SEO team that will work primarily on your project.

    Hire Dedicated Resource
  • SEO Reseller Services

    If you’re an agency, you can avail our SEO reseller services to part off with the responsibilities of managing your SEO campaign.

    Get SEO Reseller Plan
  • SEO Advisory

    If you’re a start-up and need help with disrupting the market, you can sign us up to capitalize on our experienced SEO strategy and get organic growth.

    Get Advisory Plan
  • For any customized requirements, please email us at to book a consultation.

    Book Consultation


  • How do I know if I need SEO services?

    Choosing to do SEO is a no-brainer, still, here are a few signs that should tell you that SEO will benefit you:
    • Your website is not ranking on the first page of Google for relevant keywords i.e. your customers aren’t finding you when they look for services or products they need. When you google your industry’s keywords you find your competitors!
    • Your customers are not visiting your website at all and whatever traffic you do get a very small portion is organic.
    • You are no longer a friend of Google. You have recently made changes to your website, such as a redesign or a new content management system, and your rankings have dropped ever since.
    • You know SEO is important but find yourself getting dizzy between SEO terms like “long-tailed keywords” and “enterprise SEO” and you are not sure how to improve your SEO on your own!
  • How do I choose an SEO agency?

    When choosing an SEO agency or an SEO services provider, remember to think through the following:
    • Experience: Choose an SEO company with a proven track record of success. What does the client list of the firm look like? What is the average growth in percentage terms or sales conversions the agency has achieved for their clients?
    • Services offered: Make sure the SEO agency you choose offers the services you need, for example, local SEO optimization will not necessarily be an offering from SEO firms that work solely with large global brands or those that provide only on-page technical SEO optimizations.
    • Pricing: Pricing is always a very important parameter and it makes sense to get detailed quotations from multiple SEO providers before making a decision.
    • Communication: SEO is necessarily a collaborative process. Do choose an SEO agency that is responsive and communicative and can provide reports periodically.
  • How long will it take to see the effects of SEO?

    This question never goes out of fashion.Is SEO necessary? Yes. Is SEO effective? Definitely. Will dedicated SEO efforts get me the results I want? Yes, they will. Can I start seeing results as fast as yesterday? Well, no not really. As a business owner, you’re justified in wanting to see the ROI of a marketing activity as soon as you possibly can. For an SEO strategy that works, that timeline is usually between 6-12 months.
  • How often do search engines make updates that affect SEO?

    Search engines like Google typically make a few thousand updates to their algorithm every year which can go unnoticed quite easily. Every once in a while, they make an update that causes shock waves across the organic search universe and can have a significant impact on SERPs. However, it’s impossible to predict when these changes and updates will take place. That being said, the best way to guard yourself against these changes is to work with seasoned experts who know how to navigate this landscape, ethically and professionally.
  • Are SEO Services worth it?

    According to Hubspot, approximately 69% of all marketers invest in SEO for their websites. According to ahrefs, 68% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. According to BrightEdge, SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic efforts on social media. According to us, SEO services are worth it, because we’ve delivered phenomenal growth to our clients through SEO campaigns.
  • Do I need a different SEO strategy for different search engines?

    Again, the actual answer is, it depends. While Google certainly does hold the lion’s share of the market, it may not be the default search engine in the country where your target audience is. Moreover, Bing’s market share is steadily increasing, and both search engines are giving higher priority to content that is driven to resolve user intent. Our advice is, don’t ignore other search engines just because they’re not Google.
  • How much should I budget for SEO?

    Speak to our Sales team about your needs and requirements and we’ll take the conversation forward from there.
  • What is the right time to hire an SEO agency?

    The right time to hire an SEO agency depends on many factors, including the size and complexity of your website, your budget, and your in-house SEO expertise. The best time to hire an SEO agency though is whenever you are serious about getting great sales online! If you are serious about improving your website’s ranking in search results and increasing your organic traffic, then hiring an SEO agency is a wise investment.
  • Is it important to choose an SEO agency with specific capabilities?

    Yes, it is important to choose an SEO agency with specific capabilities. SEO is complex and it is important to work with an agency that has the expertise and experience to meet your specific needs. To choose the right capabilities consider doing a website audit first or going to an agency that starts the SEO process with a website audit so you can identify the type of SEO you need, for instance - your website may not be ranking due to tag errors in which case Technical SEO capabilities will prove to be vital as opposed to off-page optimization efforts.
  • What types of SEO Services does Techmagnate offer?

    We offer a comprehensive suite of SEO services for brands and businesses. It consists of
    • On-page optimization
    • Off-page optimization
    • Link-building
    • Content marketing
    • Local SEO (Hyperlocal and international SEO)
    • Vernacular SEO
    • Mobile and APP SEO
    • SEO Migration
    • Online reputation management and more.

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