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Riding On the Horse Of Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

February 13, 2014 Neha Bawa 1

They say advertising is one of the oldest professions in the world. And being the oldest naturally, it has evolved over decades to become what it is today. And these past recent years have seen social media become one of the prime weapons in any marketing company’s arsenal and the medium of choice for many […]

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Guest Blogging to Boost SEO and Influence

February 6, 2014 Sarvesh Bagla 11

When it comes to online marketing, apart from achieving basic targets such as increasing traffic and converting sales, one of the biggest goals is to increase visibility as well as influence. Setting oneself up as a strong authority on the Internet for the industry that one is involved in, is an important element towards which […]

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Google Warning: Low Quality Guest Blogging Calls For Penalty

January 27, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 5

Have you been getting a lot of guest blogs offered for your website lately? Or have you been predominantly focusing on getting guest posting services for your site? If yes, then you should be mindful of the latest that Matt Cutts has to say about the affair. Cutts, annoyingly put forth huge displeasure with the […]

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Google Docs’ Free SEO Tools

January 25, 2014 Sarvesh Bagla 4

With SEO comes the need for good SEO tools. That is a given. While there are a number of recommended SEO tools that are available on the web out there, a lot of them are paid and require an initial investment before one can test them out. That being said, what a lot of marketers […]

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Twitter’s Latest Tweets: Audience Segmentation and a Refreshed Website

January 23, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 1

Twitter has finally broken its prolonged silence to announce multiple updates. Its focus is now on elevating the experience and returns from marketing on the platform. Its recent partnership with Epsilon says so at least. The latter, a global leader in creating and analyzing customer connections shook hands with Twitter to provide tailored audiences to […]

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Google’s New Publisher Plugin: Verify Sites and Manage Adsense Easily

January 20, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 0

The new plugin for WordPress is yet another effort of Google to simplify its user’s experience. Most of the bloggers fail to use WordPress optimally because it requires HTML or CSS knowhow, which all bloggers do not necessarily comprehend, making them unable to manage Webmaster Tools verification and Adsense. To address this challenge that most […]

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Facebook: The Favorite Marketing Platform for Retailers

January 17, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 1

The race for the best Social Media platform for Marketing is on. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ being the main contenders, each has been benefiting in its own way. Based on a survey conducted by a reputed social technology company, 8th Bridge, on about a 1000 top Retail brands, Facebook was perceived […]

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What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Algorithm

January 16, 2014 Neha Bawa 1

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, one of the biggest challenges is to make your posts visible to a maximum number of people for the longest duration. While a page might have a large number of likes that does not necessarily mean that your posts are being viewed by all of those people. How often […]

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The New Opportunities Tab: Get More Out of Your Adwords Campaign

January 16, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 2

Google has upgraded its Ad Words Opportunities Tab lately with an initiative to enhance campaign management. Ad words campaigns can be a little quirky at times and its routine updating slightly difficult, especially when there are multiple campaigns that need to be catered to. The New Opportunity Tab I’d rather call it an upgraded Opportunities […]

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Facebook: No More Sponsored Stories

January 14, 2014 uzra mohiuddin 0

Marketers have long been trying to use Facebook as a means to elevate their reach to its target audience. It’s been ups and downs for the giant lately, balancing norms with needs. Sponsored stories have been one such blotch for Facebook with the brand having to settle lawsuit claims at $10 million. The Present Scenario […]

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