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We provide a 360° approach to Digital Marketing with services ranging from Search to Content to Social Media to Website Design to Mobile Advertising. We consult, strategize and execute to deliver #DigitalExcellence!

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What Makes us the Top Digital Marketing Agency

  • We are one of only 65 Google Premier Partners out of 4000 Partner Agencies in India
  • Rated #2 Web Design Company in India by BWDA Ratings in 2017
  • Rated #7 Integrated Search Marketing Company in India by TopSEOs in 2017 Rated
  • Top 5 SEO Companies in India by Silicon India in 2015
  • Rated Best Digital Agency to Work for by CEO Magazine in 2017
  • Customized, Growth-oriented SEO plans for every business
  • Unmatched Portfolio of Clients and Brands from Pune

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level with Techmagnate

Noida is one of Delhi's satellite cities which has seen phenomenal growth in the last couple of decades. In fact, in the last few years Noida has become a center for many IT(Information Technology) and ITES (IT Enabled Services) companies including HCL, Infoedge, Samsung, and others. Noida is one of the greenest Indian cities and one of the best realty destinations in India. With so much growth happening so quickly, Noida is indeed the go-to destination for many residents, big corporations, and young startups.

As a result, both young and established companies are trying to look for a credible digital marketing firm in Noida that can help them establish a strong presence online. Techmagnate is a great option for those looking for the perfect digital marketing agency in Noida. That's because Techmagnate not only has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry but also has a wide array of digital marketing services including SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Website Designing & Development, Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, App Store Optimisation, Application Development, etc.

Why Choose Techmagnate - Digital Marketing Company in Noida

Techmagnate is the number one choice for many clients who are looking for a digital marketing agency in Noida. Here's why:

Project Planning

Every time we begin working on a project for our clients, we start with a time-bound project plan. This is not only a structured framework within which we work but it also helps our clients to hold us accountable and get a better idea of what's going on. To facilitate more transparency, we use project management tools like Basecamp and Teamwork and give their access to our clients.

Industry expertise

Techmagnate's team has more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Due to this experience, we have developed in-depth expertise in several niches including but not limited to Home and Building, Education & Training, Auto, E-commerce, Healthcare, and Travel.

Complete suite of services

Unlike many other agencies, we offer the complete suite of digital marketing services. This means our customers get the benefit of many different services that complement each other. For instance, the value of our SEO services is greatly enhanced by the other services we offer like PPC advertising, App Store Optimisation, Video SEO, Website Designing, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation and more.

Ethical Approach

We don't believe in black hat SEO and other unethical online practices that may get some short-term results but are very harmful in the long run. We believe in using effective and high-quality techniques that will give our clients long-lasting results.

Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency with Nationwide Presence

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in India our clientele is spread across the country. You can now avail our top notch digital marketing services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.

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Our digital marketing services also come in convenient, ready-to-buy packages with clearly identified deliverables. Check out our SEO Package, PPC Packages or call us at +91-11-43534779 to discuss a customized plan to meet your precise business needs.

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