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Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Speed, Efficiency & Simplicity - Magento 2 offers all that and more! Leverage this opportunity to make your website faster & better - we help you migrate efficiently and painlessly.

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  • We are one of the first companies to offer Migration services and have hands-on experience
  • We understand that a well laid plan is half the success - we spend a significant period of time on planning and prioritisation
  • We help with database migration safely
  • We offer migration for custom-built functionality
  • We mitigate SEO risks due to migration
  • We help design what you want
  • We offer competitive pricing and world-class support

Magento 2 is a superior platform and a significant upgrade to Magento 1. It has a streamlined architecture and offers new features,opportunities and innovations.

Why Migrate to Magento 2?

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Improved Code Quality
  • Faster Load Times
  • Responsive
  • Improved SEO
  • Improved checkout and search
  • Better User Experience with Simplified Navigation
  • User-Friendly and Revamped Backend
  • Lesser Infrastructure Costs
  • Support, new features & extensions only applicable to Magento 2

While the benefits of upgrading are clear and the features and support offered with Magento 2 will only continue to grow, we understand that migration means extra work and investment for your business. However, the clear superiority of Magento 2 over Magento 1 offers businesses an advantage and stability with migration.

TechMagnate, India’s leading SEO services & Digital Marketing Agency, comes in here to help - we can help you migrate painlessly and efficiently to the advanced and revamped platform.


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Magento 2 Migration Services

  • Planning the Migration

    Planning the Migration

    We help you plan for the upcoming migration - a careful review of all existing data and design is necessary.We determine if anything needs revamping or modernisation.

  • Impact Estimation & Prioritisation

    Impact Estimation & Prioritisation

    We will help assess the time, cost, and true impact of the migration - including system downtime, infrastructure costs, and a map of all data and features to be migrated. Post the full review and analysis, we will prioritise and schedule accordingly and ensure minimum impact on revenue.

  • database migration

    Database Migration

    Your database is your most valuable asset. This means customer and sales data, product details, site content etc. We help you move this data safely to Magento 2.

  • Migrating Features & Functionalities

    Migrating Features & Functionalities

    We help port over any custom-built functionality that is imperative to your business. We bring the talent and competence of our development team on board.

  • Design Revamp

    Design Revamp

    Unfortunately, Magento 1 themes cannot be transferred to Magento 2. This is a good opportunity to modernise your website design and enhance user experience and navigation. Our in-house design team can help you install any existing themes in Magento, create an exact replica of the old theme, or build a brand, new experience - based on your objectives and goals.

  • SEO


    As India’s leading SEO specialists, we help you mitigate SEO risks associated with migration and help optimise your content for better results.

Explore our Website Designing Packages, Plans and Pricing

  • Resource Type & Level: Shared (L1)

    Support: 30 Days
  • Resource Type & Level: Dedicated (L2)

    Support: 60 Days
  • Resource Type & Level: Shared (L2)

    Support: 30 Days
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