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The Ideal Page Load Time is 3 seconds on desktop and 1.5 on mobile, but most Ecommerce websites, when they first come to us, are nowhere close to these numbers.

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Your Sales are dependent on Your Ecommerce Hosting Services

  • 18% Shoppers abandon the cart if page loads too slowly
  • 100 milli second reduction in Page Load Time can increase sales by 1%
  • Half second delay in Page Load reduces traffic by 20%

Page Load Times are heavily dependent on the quality of your Ecommerce Hosting Service. And if you’re dealing with a subpar hosting service that causes your page loads to lag and delivers content slowly, you’re looking at a bad customer experience and a serious loss of sale.

Getting the Best Performance From Your Ecommerce Store

At Techmagnate we help you find the best Ecommerce hosting services to ensure success of your website. We recommend a Hosting Service after taking into account the Ecommerce shopping platform on which your site it built and the geographies that you target.

We then work with the Ecommerce Hosting Service Provider to ensure smooth transition of your site from the previous host and proper implementation of CDN & Caching technologies that help reduce Page Load times.

In short we find a hosting service that will get you the best performance from your store.

Choosing the right CDN for effective Ecommerce management

  • Delivering content to customers instantly
  • Running third party scripts
  • Cross-device and cross-platform compatibility

What to look for in an Ecommerce Hosting Service?

Look for a hosting service with a stellar CDN (Content Delivery Network). A CDN helps deliver content to site visitors instantly.

What is a CDN?

A CDN is the standard used today by Ecommerce stores around the world. When data is retrieved from a server and your content is delivered to the user, it’s reliant on the geographical proximity of the user to the server. CDNs eliminate this problem by delivering content from edge servers around the world, avoiding delayed page loads. This is especially useful during periods of increased Internet traffic and is an important consideration for Ecommerce SEO and Product Listing Ads.

In short we find a hosting service that will get you the best performance from your store.

What We Do?


After reviewing your Ecommerce website design, we’ll work with you to recommend the best Ecommerce hosting for your business. This takes into account the average amount of data you’re delivering each month as well as the types of content that appear on your site including static, interactive, and streaming content. There are many CDN providers out there, but we match you with the one that fits your unique needs.

Code Optimization

We've already established how ecommerce hosting affects Page load times. And the only other factor that affects Load Times is the quality of web development. We regularly review Ecommerce Website Analytics and undertake code reviews to identify slow pages on the site. We optimize the codes to improve page load times and sometimes need to redesign and develop sites completely. So choosing a quality Ecommerce website development service is critical.

By recommending a CDN and Ecommerce Hosting Service that’s perfectly aligned to your business needs and budget, we ensure optimal performance of your Ecommerce website – keeping your page load times down and your profit margins up.

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