Ecommerce Analytics

Analytics is the Key to Ecommerce Success

Analytics is critical to understanding if you’re Ecommerce marketing campaigns are delivering the right result. At Techmagnate, we are have the expertise with Advanced Ecommerce Analytics tools. We know how to make sense out of your data and offer you solutions that spell Ecommerce success.

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Turning Your Data Into A Competitive Advantage

  • Creating systems for collecting, tagging and analyzing data
  • Tracking and measuring all relevant Ecommerce metrics
  • Understanding user pain points and proactively fixing them
  • Optimizing your resources for maximum sales

Analytics is about refining and not reinventing your Advertising

Innovation is essential for growing a business, but with the constant shifts in trends, it becomes important to analyze hard numbers to understand how well your marketing campaigns are functioning. This is where analytics for Ecommerce comes in handy. It is a way to track and analyze data to get your resources flowing in the right direction to increase profits. Analytics isn’t about reinventing the wheel, but rather, refining your approach to marketing and ad campaigns.

  • Metrics Drill Down

    Techmagnate experts can guide you in understanding the meaning of hard metrics, analyze site traffic, top converting landing pages, Ecommerce SEO performance, paid search ROI, social ads performance and also help to formulate new approaches to ad campaigns. This type of Ecommerce data analysis is used to improve performance on everything from Social to display ads.

  • Recalibrate PPC Campaigns

    In order to refine and maximize the potential of your marketing performance using tactics like Google Product Listing Ads, we can translate your data findings into executable solutions. This helps to get the most out of your marketing budget by identifying keywords that aren't performing as well as they could, redirecting your budget to products with keyword analysis, and assess previously untapped market share opportunities.

  • Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences

    Many advanced Ecommerce analytics tools we work with are able to identify individuals and then dynamically target them by showing them personalized content and offers for better shopping experience and higher conversion rates.

  • Technical Setup

    Configuring advanced analytics is one of the services we offer, allowing us to assist you with Ecommerce data analytics. Whether you’re reviewing Google Analytics Ecommerce data or metrics from other sources, we’re the experts at putting the systems in place that get you ready to start collecting metrics.

  • Third Party Tool Integration

    In addition to gleaning standard Google Analytics Ecommerce data, we recommend integrating third party tools such as Woopra, Betaout, etc. This helps to identify your customers’ behavior as they use your site, tracking events such as cart abandonment, user journey, personalizing shopping experiences, and interaction with recommendation engines. This approach to analytics for Ecommerce adds another layer of intelligence, helping to refine performance of shopping campaigns.

Techmagnate has successfully provided the full suite of Ecommerce Solutions to several online stores, starting from Ecommerce website designing and development to Ecommerce hosting. Our services also extend to increasing traffic and sales through strategically planned and well-executed Ecommerce SEO and PPC advertising campaigns for your online store.

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