Affiliate Marketing is very similar to PPC Advertising. In this process, we ask other websites (your affiliates) to advertise your products and services. You pay your affiliates every time they direct an Internet user to your website. Affiliate Internet Marketing is a very cost effective way of marketing, as it is based on a Pay-for-Performance model i.e. you only pay your affiliate for each click (pay-per -click), registration (pay-per-lead) , sale (pay-per-sale) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Techmagnate is a top SEO Company and we have expertise in Affiliate Internet Marketing. We have successfully helped many clients put together effective affiliate marketing campaigns to augment their internet marketing and ppc campaign management.

Our Awards and Accolades

Techmagnate received the MCube Award for the Best Digital Marketing Campaign for an Educational Institution Techmagnate Received Digital Enterprise Summit - Award for Digital Excellence in Insurance / Financial Services Techmagnate received the Drivers of Digital Award for the Best Search Marketing Campaign Google Premier Partner - Techmagnate Techmagnate has been recognized as one of the top 5 SEO companies in India by Silicon India. Mobile App Daily listed Techmagnate among the leading Mobile App Marketing Agencies

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"Our 3 main mantras - Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!"

Sarvesh Bagla, the CEO of Techmagnate - Digital Marketing Agency
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

Building a Profitable Affiliate Partnerships

It’s easy to see the benefits of affiliate partnerships – increased reach, leads, and a model that rewards conversion. Building a long-term, powerful partnership requires that you set up your partner for success, and in turn, they recruit a powerhouse of affiliates that generate leads for your business. Here’s how you can work on building a rewarding partnership:

  • Pick a Partner that Manages End-to-End – A simple, intuitive platform and a partner that manages the whole process – from strategy, tracking, execution, and event payments will make your life easier.
  • Provide Marketing Insights & Collateral – Equip your partner with your brand guidelines, marketing collaterals, and any support they may need to market you better.
  • Enable Promotions & Deals exclusive to them through unique discount codes
  • Have an account manager that is responsible for their success, answers their questions, and represents the organisation if anything goes wrong
  • Let them do what they’re great at ! Finally allow your partner the room to experiment and grow with you – they are subject specialists for a reason.

Traits of a Successful Affiliate Marketing Company

Finding the right partner to manage affiliate marketing is challenging, but a little bit of research beforehand can help you avoid mistakes. Ideally, a firm that can handle end-to-end management and is as committed to your success as you are will ensure success. Here are some traits to look for when choosing your agency:

  • Subject Specialists

    Subject Specialists

    An agency that is a specialist in your field will work better. An expert agency will have the right connections and a strong understanding of the affiliate ecosystem. Leverage a subject specialists knowledge to reach a targeted audience and maximise conversion.

  • Data-Driven


    With tracking in place, it is extremely easy to understand where your conversions are coming from. Work with an agency that is fanatic about data and attribution, with the end goal in mind. Consistently ask for comprehensive reporting and analytics to check on their performance.

  • Proof Of Results

    Proof Of Results

    The proof is in the pudding! Look at the agency’s past work, case studies and testimonials to check their track record of delivering results to clients. An agency with a strong understanding of the affiliate eco-system will have delivered demonstrable results.

  • Top-Performing Partners

    Top-Performing Partners

    There is a staggering amount of publishers, content marketers, and affiliate sites on the internet. However, over 90% of them are fraudulent, bots, or ineffective. A knowledgeable affiliate marketing company will know the quality partners to pick and will prioritise quality over volume.

  • Strategic Approach

    Strategic Approach

    Focus on partnering with an agency that does more – Do they bring ideas to the table? Do they add value to your business? Is there a positive impact on your overall marketing strategy? A strategic plan will bring in high quality traffic and increase revenue. Most past someone who checks the boxes, and partner with an agency that understands, partners, and supports.

Affiliate Program Management – Process

As part of the Affiliate Program Management service we offer, our team capably manages your Affiliate Program by:

  • Defining a unique affiliate marketing strategy for your business
  • Identifying and signing up with appropriate affiliates, based on the profile of your brand and the specific demographic it targets
  • Tracking the performance of your affiliates and the program as a whole, and tweaking the marketing strategy accordingly
  • Compiling reports on the Affiliate Program and sharing them with you

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Client Speak
“Definitely happy with the resulting growth that Techmagnate promises and delivers. The team works in sync & their knowledge is impressive. They are helpful with any requests sent. Looking forward to achieving many more goal.”
Sameer Gupta | Digital Marketing Manager | Spoonshot
“I am highly impressed with the hard work of the Techmagnate Team. Thank you for your contribution to our organic growth!”
Bhavdeep Kaur | Head – DM | KTC
“SEO team has been consistent with their numbers and they know their strategies right. We have achieved great numbers in India and would love to see the same movement in APAC now and thus we are expanding the charter.”
Rashi Binju | Sr. Manager – DM | Denave
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We offer very affordable Affiliate Program Management services, so you are actually able to save on your expenses when you invest in an Affiliate Internet Marketing campaign designed by us. With the advantages we offer, it would be counterproductive to let go of this opportunity to get reliable management for your affiliate program.

If you want to get capable and efficient Affiliate Program Management from the leading company for seo services India, fill in the form on the right or email us or call us on +91-9910308266. It could make a lot of difference to the direction your business will take in the future.


  • How does affiliate marketing work?

    Affiliate marketing is the process where businesses pay affiliates to generate traffic or sales for them. It requires little upfront investment to build your affiliates but it can generate high returns.

  • Why should you appoint an agency for Affiliate Marketing?

    There are many reasons why you should appoint an agency for your Affiliate Marketing campaign. Here are just a few of them:

    • They will save you time and money

    • They have a vast network of affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors.

    • They help you boost demand and lead generation

    • They have tools and resources to manage the entire campaign and report results

  • Why is Techmagnate a leading affiliate marketing agency?

    Techmagnate has extensive experience in affiliate program management and has built partnerships with hundreds of brands. We work with both large and small businesses across a wide range of industries. We are also able to offer custom solutions for various industries.

    Techmagnate’s main focus is to help businesses increase revenue through the use of affiliate marketing. Our team of experts can help you get started with your affiliate program or improve your existing one.

  • How can I maximize my ROI from affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing programs typically have two goals:

    • Drive more traffic: Driving more traffic to your website is a simple concept. It's basically just getting people to your landing pages or offers.

    • Increase conversion rates: Increasing your conversion rate is a little more complex than that. You'll want to make sure your landing pages and offers are well-designed and relevant to the audience they're being presented to, which will be paramount in converting visitors into leads or customers.

    Our experts will help you with your affiliate marketing program by:

    • Gathering and analyzing your customer and revenue data

    • Providing the highest quality of affiliates for your brand.

    • Looking for strategic, professional affiliates with proven track records and a real client base.

    • Working closely with affiliates and clients to guarantee the campaigns are run ethically

    • Making sure affiliates adhere to performance-based standards.

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