Sumitron – SEO Case Study

About the Client:

Sumitron is a leading distributor of high quality equipment, tools and materials for the Indian Electrical, Electronics, Automobile, Pharmaceutical and Telecom industry. The company represents and supports some of the finest world-renowned foreign companies in India for their products related to electronic manufacturing and repairs.

The Challenges

Sumitron, an established name since 1986, was looking to scale operations as well as establish a robust online presence. The business was unable to bank on its reputation because of negligible online presence. The main challenges:

  • Increasing SERP rankings on competitive industry specific keywords;
  • Stiff competition from eCommerce giants Fisnar, Nordson, etc. along with online marketplaces Indiamart and Alibaba to name a few;
  • Cleaning up a toxic backlinks profile;
  • Fixing the unhealthy URL structure.

Increasing the online presence along with building an online Brand reputation was going require a lot of work. We knew we would have to re-haul their website to give it a modern look and convert it into a lead generating machine for the business.

The Solution

Since the challenges were many, we needed to plan our work to address each individually, but ultimately deliver the end objective. We broadly divided our efforts into 4 parts:

  • Keyword Research – An in-depth research of keywords was undertaken to cater to both national and international markets.
  • Content Development & Optimization – Keywords identified were used to create quality content – article, blogs, press releases, etc., and optimize the website
  • Technical Onsite Optimization – after a thorough technical audit we proceeded to:
    • Resolve Canonical Issues
    • Undertake URL Rewriting to make them SEO Friendly
    • Optimize Product Names, Meta Tags & Header Tags on Product Landing Pages
    • Optimize Meta & Heading Tags on the rest of the Website as well
    • Optimize keyword density on Home, Products & Services, Category & Sub-Category pages
    • Footer & Header Optimization
    • Schema Implementation on Logo, Address & Breadcrumbs
    • Website Speed and Page Load Optimization
  • Disavow Unnatural/Spammy Links Via Google Webmaster Tools

Our Results

We achieved absolutely spectacular results – a 546% increase in organic leads and 253% increase in conversions, in a span of 14 months only (Feb 2016 – Mar 2017)! As a top digital marketing agency, with a high level of awareness of targeting organic traffic, we helped our client:

  • create a new, optimised, website,
  • increase in traffic by 83%, and
  • increase in new visitors by 89%.

Triumphant increase in Leads & Conversion

Achieving goals is a mark of success, and surpassing them is one of triumph and celebrations. Well, we achieved a colossal increase in leads – 546%, over and above our goals. A 253% increase in conversion rate added to the impressive performance. The chart below directly points to the fact that the increase in leads and conversion rate never dipped below the Feb & Mar 2016 numbers.

NOTE: The absolute numbers have been indexed, with Feb ‘16 set equal to 10, in order to facilitate the comparison of growth over the next 14 months

SEO Traffic Results

As the chart shows, the traffic began to grow from the first month itself! With concentrated planning and perfect execution of our SEO campaign, we helped the client increase traffic to their site by an impressive 83%. The most amazing part was that there has been a steady increase in new visitors – 89% increase – which is impressive by all standards.

  • 83% increase in traffic
  • 89% increase in new users

NOTE: The absolute numbers have been indexed, with Feb ‘16 set equal to 10, in order to facilitate the comparison of growth over the next 14 months.

Our Learnings

Creating a success story is something that does not happen by chance, it is the result of sheer hard work, accompanied by intelligent planning and exhaustive implementation. Our team of experts can manage all three, to achieve stunning results for our clients. We have brought to the fore once more, that SEO strategies are effective even today, to surpass expectations and achieve outstanding results.


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