Select Counsel SEO Report – SEO Marketing Case Study

The Client:

Select Counsel, LLC. is a nation wide lawyer refrerral company that specializes in finding qualified lawyers to handle personal injury or medical malpractice cases. The company has access to attorneys who are considered to be among the best in their area of practice throughout the United States. The victim or sufferer provides SelectCounsel with the information about their potential claim through company’s website and thereafter the company refer them to one of the best law firms in their state.

At the successful conclusion of a case, SelectCounsel, LLC is paid a referral fee, by the referred law firm, which in no way increases the cost that the client pays to the law firm that represented him/her.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Internet Marketing Objective:SelectCounsel, LLC approached Techmagnate to help increase company exposure on the major search engines. Techmagnate was entrusted with the job to help SelectCounsel generate qualified leads through online form. Enhancing the level of exposure on the major search engines was identified as a critical factor in helping the company accomplish marketing goals for their web site. The company’s internet marketing goals included: High ranking on “Lawyer Referral” , “Medical Malpractice” and “Personal Injury” related keyword searches, increase goal conversion and brand building.

SEO Challenge in This Case:

Techmagnate took this case as a challenge. There are thousands of websites offering same kind of services locally and on individual conditions of personal injury and medical malpractice. For example, if you search for ‘Texas medical malpractice lawyers’ in Google, about 243,000 search results are displayed. Similarly, if searched for ‘Car accident personal injury’ in the same search engine, over 285,000 results are visible. Since, SelectCounsel is a nation wide service provider company offering its services for almost all conditions of medical malpractice and personal injury cases throughout the United States, the keywords on which the top rankings were demanded were highly competitive.

Techmagnate Comprehensive SEO Solution:

Techmagnate’s plan began with company and industry fact finding exercises and research. Techmagnate compiled all of the necessary information related to company’s background and marketing goals. This helped arm the veteran Search Engine Optimization services professionals at Techmagnate to become much more familiar and aware of the complicated medical legal referral industry and the basics of medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

Techmagnate SEO professionals, then began a comprehensive search engine competitive analysis of SelectCounsel’s online competition. Keyword research to identify all relevant keywords, related keyphrases searches and in market searches for SelectCounsel’s core areas were completed. Upon mutual agreement with the management team at SelectCounsel, Techmagnate optimized every page (url) of the company’s website cover to cover. The content team developed content for home page, rewritten content for few pages and began content relevant site optimization that includes meta tags, alt tags, page content delivery and also implements an exclusive link popularity system. When the new search engine optimization services (seo) elements were uploaded, the link building team began to perform to take the site at a much higher level.

SelectCounsel, LLC. Search Engine Optimization Results:

As a result of the promotion Techmagnate has performed, within 120 days SelectCounsel’s website had secured multiple first page top keyword rankings on most of SelectCounsel’s primary and secondary keyword targets on all of the big four search engines: Google, AOL, Yahoo and MSN. Other positive developments were:

1. No. of pageviews has gone up by almost 100%
2. Bounce rate has decreased by over 20% from around 77% to 53%
3. Avg. time on site has doubled from 1:05 to 2:13

Search engines, now, contribute 40% of entire website traffic – up from 20% in April which means 100% improvement in traffic via search engines. Earlier a substantial portion of the traffic was coming through Paid ads on Google which have been pulled off. So the high traffic volume is entirely due to increase in traffic through search engines.


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