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Techmagnate Delivered Whopping 149 % of Growth to Its Customers in 2019

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 09:26

Techmagnate, one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in India, released its Digital Report Card for 2019, revealing that it delivered a phenomenal growth of 149% in web traffic, on average, to its customers. The Report Card, the first of its kind in the industry, is a self-assessment by the company of its achievements in 2019.

According to CEO and Founder, Sarvesh Bagla, the digital report card is one of the many things that sets Techmagnate apart from its competitors. “Two of Techmagnate’s core values are customer growth and trusted partnerships. This report card goes a long way in reinforcing both values. Our vision is clearly to deliver transformational growth to clients. We believe that our success lies in being value-driven for the client rather than focusing on our own growth. The digital report card adds transparency and accountability, letting everyone see what we have actually delivered,” he says.

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