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SEO for Home & Building Websites

Gone are the days when charities and NGOs operated in a disorderly fashion. Charity organisations, not-for-profits, and NGOs nowadays need strong digital presence - to drive fundraising efforts, crowdfunding campaigns, as a place to relay their achievements to investors, as well as allow for hiring and volunteer opportunities.

When you’re choosing a web development agency for your non-profit, consider their past experience and check their testimonials and reviews! Ensure that your website is modern, responsive, and SEO compatible. Establish your goals upfront - a launch date, branding & design, level of customisation and features, and estimated budget. Make sure that you and the agency are on the same page - your website is critical to driving awareness and fundraising.

Working with NGOs is a special passion we have. We have a decade of experience designing websites and conceptualise, design, and develop in-house. We understand your specific needs, ensuring customisation and content management is simple and easy. We offer options in all sorts of budgets - from big to small - and operate as trusted partners pre- and post-implementation.

We’re professional, we’re creative and we’re partners - we constantly consult with you on your needs, values, and objectives.

At Techmagnate, we ensure a robust, responsive website that meets your needs. Take a look at our portfolio today.