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Local SEO Optimization

Keywords Google India Ranking as on June 2013
Top JEE Engineering Colleges 1
Best Placement in MBA 1
B Tech Colleges 1
JEE Engineering Colleges 2
Admission In Engineering 6
Keywords Google India Ranking as on June 2013
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cbse solutions 1
rd sharma class 9 1
ntse 8th class 1
r d sharma solutions 1
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Best school in Vadodara 3
Schools in vadodara 4
Best school in baroda 4
Best schools in Baroda 5
Baroda Schools 6
Keywords Google US Ranking as on April 2013
Girls Dance Camp 1
Dance Camps For Kids 1
Dance Camps 1
Overnight Dance Camps 1
Ballet Summer Camps 2
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Chinese Cooking Classes London 1
Chinese Cooking Courses London 1
Chinese Cookery Courses 1
Chinese Cookery Classes London 1
Dim Sum Cooking Class London 1
Keywords Google India Ranking as on January 2015
Play School in Sonipat 1
Best Preschool Education in India 1
Play School Franchise 3
Best Preschool Franchise 3
International Preschools in india 5
Keywords Google UK Ranking as on January 2015
Microsoft Training India 1
ceh courses in india 1
cisco training india 1
ccna wireless boot camp 1
it courses in india 1
Keywords Google India Ranking as in January 2015
business analytics training 1
business analytics certification 7
business analytics courses 2
sas certification 6
sas training 2

SEO for University & Educational Websites

In the field of education - information is king. Students and parents alike conduct research into the best schools, colleges, and educational institutes. Potential applicants continuously search for the best prospects on search engines. Differentiating yourself and gaining mindshare amongst the myriad opportunities out there for education is a challenge.

At Techmagnate, we understand your concern. A strong presence in the SERPs ensures higher application rates, enrolment rates, and more growth & opportunities. Techmagnate is a leader at SEO for educational institutions, SEO for school websites, and SEO for colleges and can help you navigate this challenging landscape.

In a highly competitive field like education, it’s important for educational institutes to rank high on search engines in order to establish trust. Nowadays, most application processes are also conducted online - keeping up with the competition is a must. It’s a feat we’ve accomplished for several clients. We conduct keyword research into what students are searching for and help optimise your website for higher ranking. We often recommend educational institutions get a .edu domain. Off-page SEO, digital PR, and being listed in directories also raises brand visibility and traffic for educational institutions.