Industry: Health Care
Services Rendered: PPC Services
Fortis Healthworld
Industry: eCommerce
Services Rendered: Search Advertising, Product Listing Ads, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Social Advertising
Areas Results
Revenue 133% increase
Spends to Sales Ratio 72% decrease
Conversion Rate 128% increase
Average Order Value 7% increase
Therapy Tribe
Industry: Health
Services Rendered: Search Advertising, Remarketing
Areas Results
Leads 127% increase
Cost per Lead 8% decrease
Conversion Rate 4% increase
Traffic 118% increase
Industry: Health Care
Services Rendered: Paid Search Advertising, Display Marketing, Remarketing, Social Advertising, Mobile Advertising
Areas Results
CPC (Cost Per Click) 11% decrease
CTR (Click-through Rate) 22% increase
No. of Enquiries per month 30% increase
Cost Per Conversion 10% decrease
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