Orient Abrasives SEO Report – Case Study on SEO

The Client:

Orient Abrasive Ltd. (OAL) is on one of the largest manufacturers and exports of calcined and high alumina products in India. They export substantial volumes of calcined products, but volumes of alumina cement are fairly low

The Objective:

In September 2006 they had their website redesigned. The website was given a crisp new look. The objective was to showcase their products to world via the Internet.

The Challenge:

However, 4 months down the road they still didn’t have much traffic on the website. Having a good looking website was not enough to attract traffic.

The Solution:

Finally, in Jan 2007 Anisha Mittal, VP Corporate, approached us and asked us to help them promote their website. She told us about the Business, their products and how they wanted to aggressively market Alumina cement. After a few days of research and another meeting with Anisha, it was decided to promote the website for “High Alumina Cement” and “Refractory Cement”.

As documented in the Proposal, within 3 months of SEO, www.orientabrasives.com was ranked on the Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and MSN for “High Alumina Cement” and Refractory Cement”.

Anisha notes, “We figured no where in Google before we approached Techmagnate. When I looked at the first month’s report I was amazed to see that we had gone from nowhere to Page 5 in just under a months time. And before I even got the third and final month’s report, we were already on page 1.”

The Result:

Today www.orientabrasives.com gets 50-60 hits per day. They are flooded with queries about high alumina cement and have even started exporting this product to Europe. Earlier it was only being used locally and being exported to the Middle East. In fact, it has really helped with their other products as well. People visit their website looking for alumina cements, but end up placing orders for other related products as well.

Having seen how SEO has helped OAL boost business, Anisha has come back for seconds. Techmagnate is in the process of optimizing the website for their entire range of calcined and high alumina products.


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