Koenig - Social Media Marketing Case Study

"Koenig’s requirements were clear and concise; they wanted tangible increases in visibility, traffic, engagement and brand recognition."

The Client:

Established in 1993, Koenig is a leading name in the IT training industry across the globe. The company has won numerous accolades for its work in the form of prestigious titles like Oracle India’s Best Training Partner 2012, Best Contribution to Microsoft Learning 2012 and the most recent Limca Book of Records 2014 for being the Largest Offshore ITTraining Company.

The Target Market:

Koenig targets working IT professionals and fresh IT graduates from across the globe. Target areas are the U.S.A., the U.K., Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

Target Market

The Requirement:

Koenig engaged Techmagnate to manage their community on Facebook and quickly grow it into a thriving community that would help extend the brand and drive student registrations. They were looking at the following through their Social Advertising campaign:

  • Increased visibility with higher brand recognition.
  • Larger community with a substantially higher number of Page Likes.
  • Higher engagement on the content being posted on their community.
  • Higher Social Traffic on site with increased conversion rates

The Challenge:

To increase the Facebook community by 500 likes per day, from the relevant audience. Given the Ad targeting options available, it would not be easy to identify IT professionals and graduates looking to enhance their skills. One could easily blow-up the advertising budget on the wrong audience.

The Solution:

We proposed utilizing targeted Facebook Ads through the sidebar and timeline (boosted) posts along with a steady stream of relevant, engaging content.

We identified several diverse communities of IT professionals from different parts of the world who we could target via their interests.

"The monthly social traffic from Facebook to Koenig’s website increased by 179% in April 2014 compared to Feb 2014."

The Results:

The Social Ads campaign started in Feb. 2014. It took us a couple of months to identify and target the correct audience and build momentum. Once we did, the results were phenomenal:-

New Page Likes and Cost Per Like (CPL) for Koenig’s Facebook Campaign

Month New Page Likes Cost Per Like (Rs.) Total Likes on Page % Increase in monthly Facebook Traffic to Site compared to Feb. 2014
February 2014 6357 8.27 33895 0%
March 2014 4220 6.15 38115 49%
April 2014 25597 3.38 63712 179%

Graphical Representation: Page Like Increase vs. CPL Decrease

Graphical Representation: Page Like Increase vs. CPL Decrease

  • The Page Likes increased by more than 25,000 in April 2014 i.e. an average of 833 new likes per day; a number significantly higher than the target of 500 per day.
  • The Cost Per Like (CPL) of the Facebook campaign reduced by 62% from Rs. 8.27 in Feb. 2014 to Rs. 3.38 in April 2014.
  • The monthly social traffic from Facebook to the site increased by 179% in April 2014 compared to Feb 2014. This resulted in a whopping increase of almost 60% in assisted and direct conversions via Facebook.
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