Fenesta SEO Report - SEO Case Study

The Client:

Fenesta is India's largest windows solutions provider and is part of the USD 600 million DSCL group. As manufacturers of state-of-the-art UPVC windows and doors, it is a preferred brand with end-consumers, builders, contractors and architects across India.

Post its launch in 2003, Fenesta would manage to meet its year-on-year sales targets through its on-ground, below-the-line activities. However by 2008, the brand still lacked visibility and had not become a household name.

The Challenge:

With thousands of online searches for important keywords like 'UPVC windows' every month, the company lost precious leads because of poor search engine rankings. Online user engagement with the brand was minimal, with a skeletal website and negligible online presence.

Fenesta approached Techmagnate to re-design its website, so that it looked more professional, user-friendly and in-line with its positioning as a premium windows solution provider.

In addition to the website, Fenesta was keen that it must show up in top search results for heavily-searched keywords such as 'UPVC windows', 'UPVC doors' and 'sliding windows'.

The Solution:

Techmagnate's Digital Marketing solution for Fenesta was divided into three phases.

In the first phase, Techmagnate re-hauled the website and improved the user interface. The Fenesta website was redesigned to look younger, contemporary and professional. The website was also re-structured for easy navigability. The content was tailored to make the website search-engine friendly.

Next, a comprehensive competitive analysis was done to evaluate online competition. A Keyword research was performed to identify all relevant keywords. Techmagnate then optimized every page of the company's website, creating effective meta tags. In parallel, Techmagnate's Social Media Marketing team worked on building back links to the Fenesta website and creating visibility on popular social communities like Facebook and Wikipedia. This combination of on and off-page optimizations served to increase Fenesta's ranking on search engines for several keywords. With these SEO efforts, traffic on the Fenesta website increased considerably.

In the third-phase, Techmagnate began conversion-optimization to increase the number of sales leads being generated from the increased traffic on the website. This entailed fine-tuning the design and copy of important landing pages, to get site visitors to submit enquires, to get contact information for potential customers, thus generating a sales lead.

The Result:

The Fenesta website was launched in December 2008. Within 6 months of the website Launch, unique visitors increased by over 70% and page views increased by 30%. Traffic through organic search (non-paid visits) has increased by over 92%.

Most of all, with our website re-design services and SEO services, Fenesta has seen over 40% improvement in goal conversions, generating more leads, sales and profits.

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