Prioritizing SEO audit tasks can help you make impactful improvements that will enhance your website's performance and visibility.

Prioritize 1. 100s of pages with no traffic & no strategy 2. Pages with a lot of traffic but low conversion rate 3. Fix the Not-Indexed pages in GSC 4. Review Robots.txt to ensure that the right pages are allowed to crawl

5. Run a Site Crawl using ScreamingFrog or Ahref 6. Check basic on-page elements (title tag, meta description) 7. Check for content decay issues 8. Identify content gaps using Ahrefs 9. Analyze Your Internal Links

Postpone: 1. Schema markup missing 2. Bad Core Web Vitals and planned new design 3. Changing image format to webp (Google Suggested) 4. Optimizing title and meta tags within the suggested character limit

Ignore: 1. A few 404 error pages out of 1000s URLs 2. Removing few Spammy Links using disavow tool 3. Bounce rate is high for a blog pages 4. Low Content/Word Count (ignore in very specific situations like might be this is cluster topic)

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