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Google Helpful Content Update

On the eve of 18th August 2022, Google announced the launch of the helpful content update.

This update will weed out content written only for the purpose of ranking high in the search results.

Instead, we will see helpful content that adds value to the readers dominate the SERPs.

This update is part of an ongoing effort by Google to improve the search experience for users.


Websites Not Having a Purpose


Businesses With no First-hand Expertise


Enterprises That Don’t Provide Sufficient Information


Websites Not Focusing on the Reading Experience


Platforms That Focus on Clickbait Content

Many websites and businesses will be impacted by this update:


Websites Participating in Unscrupulous Activities

There are ways to monitor the impact of this update:

Monitor Rankings Check for Changes in Traffic

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It is a sitewide algorithm update, i.e., due to unhelpful content, your entire website may get affected.

However, there are a few guidelines you can follow to adhere to Google’s efforts on improving the search experience:

Focus on Content Helpfulness and Originality Improve Content Quality and Credibility Ensure Proper Content Presentation and Accessibility Improve the Reading Experience

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