Expert Insights Into Festive Marketing To Boost 

E-Commerce Sales

This festive season our experts have a few insights for festive marketing that can help you boost your eCommerce sales.

Facilitate Browsing and Ordering On-The-Go:

Refine product pages, UI, and web pages, and highlight attractive offers to facilitate shopping on the go and reduce friction in the buyer’s journey.

Use  Social Media  Platforms to

Give a festive feel to your profile

Give a festive feel to your profile

Create exclusive  offers

Create shoppable posts

Partner with influencers to heighten the buzz around your brand

Utilize Push Notifications on Your Mobile App or Website

Plan Exclusive Offers/Deals For Your Potential Customers

Plan the Right Offers

Promote Deals Through Various Digital Channels

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Festive Marketing Insights From Our Marketing Expert 

Connect Festive Offers With The Festival’s Theme

Plan Your Offers to Genuinely Connect With The Customers


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