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Progressive Web Apps are web applications that use the latest web capabilities to deliver a native app-like experience to users. They combine the look and feel of a native app with the ease of programming of a website. Market leaders such as Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, and Forbes all use PWAs for a higher quality experience for their users.

We offer best-in-class progressive web app development services. We combine both web and mobile to build fast, progressive, safe and light apps that work reliably even in poor network.


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"Our 3 main mantras - Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!"

Sarvesh Bagla, the CEO of Techmagnate - Digital Marketing Agency
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

Our Services

  • As a progressive web app development company, we deliver user-centric designs, engaging user experience, scalable and reliable PWA solutions with systematic quality assurance and monitoring process.
  • Our dynamic team of PWA developers can create fast-loading PWA solutions – we implement the latest code practices, modern technologies and innovations to create custom PWAs for iOS and Android.
  • Before delivering the project, your app is stringently tested by our QA team to ensure it provides a bug-free user experience.
  • We are open to every challenge you come up with, and guarantee to deliver the best results beyond your expectations

Although a progressive web application is quite a new phenomenon, you can get ahead of your competitors by capitalizing on its extensive capabilities.

How Can PWAs Boost Your Business?

  • App-like Look and Feel
  • Fast Installation
  • Better Performance
  • Platform & Device Agnostic
  • No Updating Issues
  • Seamless Offline Operation
  • No Dependence on App Distribution Services
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Conversion and User-Experience

While the benefits of PWAs are clear, we understand that you may need some help implementing cutting-edge technologies or migrating from your existing platform. Techmagnate, India’s leading SEO and digital marketing agency, comes in here to help – we can help you build a powerful PWA for iOS and PWA for Android painlessly and efficiently.

Progressive Web App Development Process

  • Analyse and Understand your Requirements
  • Wireframe PWA Architecture
  • Design Mobile and Web Visuals
  • Project Management and Coding
  • Testing and QA
  • Integrating third-party APIs and analytics tools
  • Product Maintenance and Support

Why Choose Techmagnate for PWA Development Services

  • A professional and creative team, with decades of experience
  • A full project plan and transparent project management system
  • Personalised and consultative approach
  • An internal audit team that works relentlessly on timely quality control
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Explore our Website Designing Packages, Plans and Pricing

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    Support: 30 Days
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    Support: 60 Days
  • Resource Type & Level: Shared (L2)

    Support: 30 Days

Progressive Web App FAQs

  • What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

    Progressive Web Apps or PWAs combine the advantages of traditional browser experience and the mobile app experience. Essentially, they are websites that look and behave as if it is an app – built to take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring the end-user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally.

  • How do progressive web apps work?

    Progressive Web Apps allow users to install the app on their home screen without taking the user to the app or play store. Recent advancements in the browser, availability of service workers, in the Cache and Push APIs have enabled web developers to allow users to install web apps to their home screen, receive push notifications and even work offline.

    • The user goes to a website (e.g. with Chrome under Android or Safari under iOS) which is a PWA.
    • Either the visited website automatically notifies the user that he can place it on his home screen (Android), or he must manually add it to the home screen (iOS).
    • The PWA with icon and title now appears on the start screen. From a purely visual point of view, the user will not be able to tell that this is not a native app. Clicking the icon will open the PWA.

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  • What are some examples of progressive Web App?

    Progressive web apps successfully help businesses increase conversions, page visits, and session length. Some examples of progressive web apps include Flipkart Lite, Twitter Lite, Forbes, Pinterest, and Starbucks.

    The word progressive means they work for every user, irrespective of browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement as a core choice. They are responsive, fast, up-to-date, safe and app-like.

  • Does progressive Web App (PWA) work on iOS?

    Yes, PWAs are no longer limited to Android users and can be used for iOS 12.2 and above, thus allowing you to install apps without any approval from the app store. PWAs currently only work on Safari browsers and may have some features missing.

  • Who uses progressive Web Apps?

    Organisations that wish to provide a fast, reliable and engaging experience use PWAs. For brands on a budget, PWAs are also a cheaper alternative to building two separate native platforms for iOS and Android. Progressive Web Apps are created for brands that don’t warrant a native app experience and those who wish to avoid downloads and memory barriers. E-commerce, marketplaces, apps targeted to developing countries, and more rarely used mobile apps are all good use cases for creating PWAs.

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