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Techmagnate Launches New Services For Guest Posting and Infographics

Friday, 06 December 2013 10:35

New Delhi, India, August 31, 2013 - As part of the process of expanding their service offerings, Techmagnate, the #3 ranked IT and SEO services provider in India, has added the option of a guest blogging service, guest posting service and the possibility of infographics creation to it.

The Techmagnate blog, popular as it has always been, aims at providing valuable industry information, tips and guidelines through posts that are well researched and extremely well written. The topics covered on the blog are varied as well as extremely relevant to the ongoing developments in the industry, and since the model has been working for them, they plan to scale it up for their clients as well.

" We've always maintained a very high standard when it comes to our blog, be it the content or the sharability quotient of our posts. Now with the addition of the infographics creation facility, we have gone a step further to make the content visually engaging and appealing. Also, infographics help with enhanced clarity by supplementing via visuals, what we are trying to convey in our posts and that we believe is a big plus," states Mr. Sarvesh Bagla, CEO of Techmagnate.

The guest posting service allows the option of providing various different viewpoints from experts who want to share their opinions via the Techmagnate platform. The writers who utilize the guest blogging service are professionals with good experience in their own right and they help in making the blog richer and more layered.

"We are careful about who we invite on to write on our website as we are very aware of the quality benchmark that we want to maintain with regards to the content. Our bloggers are credible and the topics that they write on are aligned with what is going on in the industry. This is a guideline that we adhere to at every given point," further states Mr.Bagla

To learn more about the blog at Techmagnate, visit

About Techmagnate:

Techmagnate is an Internet service provider based in New Delhi, India offering expert digital marketing services to give businesses the online visibility they need.

Its services are backed by a team comprising dedicated SEO professionals with more than ten years of experience in Internet marketing. Their domain expertise spans contemporary Website Designing, Search Marketing and Social Media Optimization, application development and PPC.

Taking on both offshore and onshore projects, Techmagnate has clients across U.S. India, U.K. and Australia in various verticals ranging from home solutions to education to consumer products.

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