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Techmagnate Announcing Reconsideration Requests For Sites Hit With Manual Penalties

Friday, 06 December 2013 09:30

New Delhi, India, October 22, 2013 - Marketing Agency, Techmagnate is calling all website owners and webmasters whose sites have been hit by manual penalties by Google to offer reconsideration request services.

Once a website has been hit by a manual penalty by Google, the processes being questioned have to be assessed and rectified, upon which the site has to be submitted for reconsideration to Google. Since websites have begun being penalized, Techmagnate has been offering assistance with reconsideration requests, with proven success for many of its clients. Working with Techmagnate can be beneficial for website owners since their team of SEO experts can navigate clients through this recovery and reconsideration process more efficiently and with a quicker turnaround in terms of time.

"Google gets almost 5000 reconsideration requests every single week. It's not easy cutting through the line and it pays to do things right the first time in order to not have to re-submit again and again. A strong reconsideration request is the key to getting a response, and a favorable one at that. Helping to get that done is exactly where we come in," explains Mr. Sarvesh Bagla, the CEO of Techmagnate.

As part of the services Techmagnate will take care of the recovery process and address and rectify all issues such as manual removal of all bad links and then compilation and submission of the database of all those links to Google. This long-standing SEO Company in India aims at minimizing the number of iterations for the recovery requests being submitted to Google, to the lowest possible number.

In addition, if the client does not know why they have been penalized, the agency also offers site auditing services and looking for issues that might have caused it under the radar. Once identified, they can work with the client to fix these and then submit the site for reconsideration.

"Our goal with this service is literally to get our client's on the good side of Google again. We believe that we have the right attitude, the right talent pool and the right vision to able to achieve this goal. We can apply our experience of all the previous years, to get a quicker and positive outcome for our customers," further states Mr. Bagla.

For more information on the reconsideration request services at Techmagnate, visit Google Reconsideration Request

About Techmagnate:

Techmagnate is a Digital Marketing Agency based in New Delhi, India offering expert services to give businesses the online visibility they need.

Its services are backed by a team comprising dedicated SEO professionals with more than ten years of experience in Internet marketing. Their domain expertise spans contemporary Website Designing, Search Marketing and Social Media Optimization, application development and PPC.

Taking on both offshore and onshore projects, Techmagnate has clients across U.S. India, U.K. and Australia in various verticals ranging from home solutions to education to consumer products.

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