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SEO Services Company Techmagnate launches new ‘Business’ SEO package

19, Apr 2012

New Delhi, India, (Online PR News) – 25 October, 2010: Techmagnate, India’s #3 SEO company has announced that it has launched a super-premium SEO package called the ‘Business Package’. This SEO package is its most comprehensive one, and is especially suited to large portals and websites. The package from the SEO India company caters to Indian and global clients alike. It includes Search Engine Optimization for as many as eighty keywords, a hundred press release submissions and video marketing among other services.

Explaining the rationale behind the introduction of the new ‘Business’ SEO package, Mr. Sarvesh Bagla, CEO, Techmagnate says, “As one of the leading SEO India companies, we had many portals from around the world requesting us for our services. These companies usually require intensive SEO services, in order to see results. To help them understand exactly what they will get, we launched this SEO package, which also clearly delineates what the deliverables are. Whether it’s for Search Engine Optimization India or globally, this package is so comprehensive that it will help businesses succeed even for the most competitive keyword.”

The other service packages that Techmagnate offers are starter, value, standard and premium. What sets the ‘Business’ SEO package apart is that it offers SEO services for eighty keywords unlike ten, twenty, forty and sixty keywords in the lower-value packages. The SEO company has also included W3C validation, Google local map listing, image promotion and a whopping 200 press release/article submissions. Such an intensive SEO campaign, Mr. Bagla thinks, is necessary for larger online players to stay ahead in the game.

Adds Mr. Bagla, “Everyone wants to be seen on the Internet. Therefore keywords are getting more and more competitive. For any serious portal or online business owner SEO services have become imperative. Search Engine Optimization India companies are often sought after to handle their web promotion activities. However, in the bid to offer lower prices, many SEO Indiacompanies also cut corners while executing the campaign. Our ‘Business’ SEO package is for those portal owners who understand the huge ROI they receive by undertaking a super-premium but holistic SEO exercise.”

For more information on the #3 Search Engine Optimization India company, Techmagnate and its ‘Business’ SEO Package, visit SEO packages.


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