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Attractive PPC packages and Web Design packages from No. 3 SEO Company Techmagnate

Thursday, 19 April 2012 05:57

New Delhi, India, December 28, 2010: Techmagnate, India's #3 SEO company has introduced attractive PPC packages and Web Design packages. Both services are highly sought after and the introduction of the packages makes it easier for clients to choose what they want according to their requirements. The PPC package ranging from value, standard and premium services are designed to bring traffic and generate new sales leads for small as well as large business houses. The Web Design package is beneficial for those wanting to develop a new website or refurbish an existing one.

Explaining the benefits of these packages, Mr. Sarvesh Bagla, CEO, Techmagnate says, "As a leading SEO Company in India, we receive numerous requests from our clients for PPC and website design proposals. Our fixed plans are designed to expedite the order process, giving clients a clear set of deliverables, so they know what they can expect for the value they are paying. Our sound PPC packages cover different needs for keyword bids, dedicated campaign managers, anti-fraud checks etc. Our Website design packages are categorized according to the number of pages to be designed as well as the features the website will have."

The company has an entire range of solutions in the realm of Internet Marketing. These include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Link building, Banner Campaigns, Email campaigns, Lead-based marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Therefore, the company takes a holistic view of Internet marketing and highly recommends it as a solution to make a substantial impact on the World Wide Web. Besides offering PPC packages and Website design packages Techmagnate also offers packages for SEO, Social Media Optimization and Link building.

Adds Mr. Bagla, "Our packages are designed for those with different internet marketing needs. We strongly suggest that companies choose multiple Internet Marketing services to expand their presence on the web. For many, their competitors are already doing that. These packages are designed to aid decision-making, so they can pick and choose the services they want. The packages can literally be 'bought off the shelf' using a credit card or Paypal."

For more information on the PPC packages and Web Design packages provided by the company, visit PPC Packages

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