Areas Results
CPC (Cost Per Click) 25% decrease
CTR (Click-through Rate) 50% increase
No. of Enquiries per month 65% increase
Cost Per Conversion 21% decrease
Areas Results
CPC (Cost Per Click) 32% decrease
Conversion Rate 241% increase
No. of Enquiries per month 400% increase
Cost Per Conversion 79% decrease

PPC for Industrial B2B Websites

Targeted traffic is one of the main goals of a PPC or a Pay-per-click campaign. At Techmagnate, we understand that every click costs you money so we work to ensure that your investment continually reaps benefits. Our professionals help you recover from any mistakes that may cost you big, with our host of services that range from search advertising, social media advertising, display and mobile advertising to re-marketing campaigns.

Our PPC strategy takes on a comprehensive approach to value-addition by including steps such as strategic keyword recommendation, bid management, effective PPC copy writing, conversion rate optimization etc.