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The Digital Digest
Vol-5 | Issue 10 | October 2021
5 ways to leverage AI in marketing!

Did you know? 47% of digitally mature organizations—those with advanced digital practices—already have a defined AI strategy, and 84% of business executives agree that the incorporation of AI allows their company to sustain a competitive advantage.

Wondering how you can leverage this emerging technology in your marketing operations? We bring you a few ways by which you can do so:

  • Smart Bidding: A subset of automated bid strategies in Google Ads, Smart Bidding uses AI to optimize conversion value in each and every auction. Apart from saving time, it offers transparent performance reporting as well as advanced machine learning and is helpful in creating a smart bid strategy for campaigns.
  • AI copywriting: AI copywriting involves content generation by machine - learning software by training an algorithm to surf millions of web pages and identify certain patterns, which helps in generating new content.
  • AI powered Chatbots: As opposed to conventional chatbots, AI chatbots solve user queries intelligently through natural language processing, thereby improving overall user experience and can increase sales by providing crucial information about your product to your users.
  • AI in Email Marketing: Application of AI powered tools in email marketing can lead you to create campaigns faster and better. AI powered tools use Natural Language Generation (NLG) to compose better emails. This results in increasing open and click rates, thereby providing you with better results from your email marketing operations.
  • AI powered consumer insights: AI can support you in generating consumer insights in a more effective manner. For generating consumer insights, AI can be implemented in video analysis, trend analysis, speech analytics and also in observational research.

Curious to know which one would work best for your business? We are here to help. If you’d like to know how Techmagnate can support you with digital marketing or for any other query, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us today.

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