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Vol-4 | Issue 10 | October 2020
Want explosive sales this festive season? We have 3 tips just for you!

Want explosive sales this festive season? Follow these 3 steps!

The festive season is upon us, and with it, an electric atmosphere that’s like an aphrodisiac to shoppers. But with increased shoppers, there’s also an exponential jump in the number of brands fighting it out to win their attention - and a place in their shopping cart.

To help you stand out, here are some of my favorite tips for SEO, and beyond -

Give your SEO a festive twist - In addition to your usual keywords, add festival specific ones to your SEO strategy. For example, add ‘Festive offers’ to keywords you already use.

Market the joy of festivities - Do you know that as per neuro-imagery scans, consumers are driven more by a brand’s emotional appeal than facts and features? So, while selling a skillet, instead of focusing on its metal quality, talk about the smell of good food cooking on festivals.

Creatively tailor your content to your industry - Whether you’re from the BFSI, Home Improvement or Media Industries, there is no dearth of things you can do to attract your target audience.

Not from one of these industries? Follow us on LinkedIn for a slew of tips specific to your niche or reach out to us to bounce ideas for how to best market your brand!

Wishing you joyous festivities.

In other news
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We Contemplated the Future of Content Creation

AI-driven content creation is the inevitable, and welcome, future of marketing. Although we still have a long way to go before that future materializes, we’re ready to embrace it when it does. Are you? Tell us your thoughts here.

Can AI-driven content creation replace content writers? At this stage, no. While automation in content marketing has made huge strides, it still lacks the human intelligence required to takeover writing. Unable to understand irony, sarcasm and other more complicated literary tools writers employ daily, AI is still far from replacing writers completely. But that being said, AI driven content marketing is the future. As someone who works in the industry, I personally am ready to embrace it. From a sheer cost, time and productivity perspective, it is a potential goldmine. Sarvesh Bagla - CEO Techmagnate
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We Celebrated Foundation Day at Techmagnate!

From promotion announcements to celebrating milestones and the quarter's top performers, Techmagnate's Foundation Day was jam-packed with exciting events. Check out more photos from our virtual celebrations!

Foundation Day celebrations at Techmagnate!
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What our clients say
Techmagnate has become our Trusted Partner for driving growth! With a 122% growth in the app downloads & card business, we have seen transformational growth in our App Performance Marketing business over the last 12 months. A team of highly skilled individuals has been an integral part of the core App Performance Marketing team to drive overall app and business-led metrics. We look forward to achieving greater heights in the coming years and would highly recommended them for App Marketing and related marketing services. Utsav Dutt, Senior Manager - Mobile Marketing.

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