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Vol-6 | Issue 11 | November 2022

PPC advertising is "hit and hope" if it is without data. You need the data to identify your strengths and shortcomings since a "hopeful" plan only wastes time, money, and resources.

Several metrics, such as cost per click, click-through rate, or impressions, are used to describe PPC data. As we all know, these metrics hold the utmost significance in measuring how successfully you are pursuing your objectives. You'll be able to go forward and determine what actions to take by using this information.

So, here are 3 tips to increase your paid campaigns’ performance through data.

  • Location Bid Adjustments - Performance according to location is crucial. You can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by consistently analyzing them and making improvements toward your main objective. When organizing a national campaign, it's crucial to keep an eye on how much money the major cities consume compared to how well they convert.

    Similar to hour-of-day optimization, you may either lower your bid or even think about removing worse-performing locales from your campaigns entirely.

  • Optimize Your Keywords - Despite rigorous rounds of search query reviews, bid adjustments, and landing page tests, some keywords might still not perform well for your paid campaign.

    So, replace these keywords with well-performing keywords or pause them to ensure a spike in your campaign performance.

  • Focus on Landing Pages - While landing pages cannot be easily adjusted and aren't a part of the Ads account directly, they are essential to an account's performance.

    Landing pages are most responsible for converting users. While keywords and ads drive the audience to your website, landing pages are what close the deal.

Our clients know we take their business’ success as seriously as they do, which is why they choose to work with us. Are you looking to improve your paid campaign? Techmagnate is a data-driven paid marketing company, and we can help you improve your paid campaigns' performance through data metrics. Feel free to reach out to us. Our doors (and inboxes!) are always open.

Wishing you swift winds on your journey ahead,

CEO, Techmagnate

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Good to see that we have started getting results on these newly created primary test pages. Keep doing the good work. |  Vijay Pashte |  Marketing Manager  |

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