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The Digital Digest
Vol-2 | Issue 5 | May 2018
Google Mobile First Indexing 2018. The Checklist: Mobile Version Configuration, Load Time and Page Speed, Meta Tags and all Other Tags, Mobile Friendliness
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The SEO Checklist to dealing with Mobile First Indexing

The SEO industry is a buzz again - Google has rolled out its Mobile First Indexing update. Every business owner and digital marketer knows this is just the first push to ensure responsive sites. How does your site measure-up when judged against the new update? What are the steps you’re taking to ensure your website doesn’t take a hit? Read Techmagnate’s checklist for Mobile First Indexing to know if you’re ready for SEO in 2018!

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Is Your SEO Voice Search Ready?

Did you know by 2020, nearly half of all queries will be done by voice search? Or that you can increase your digital marketing revenue by up to 30% from visual and voice searches? The real question your business should be asking, "Does our SEO cater to voice search?" It's time to learn why you need to capture the micro-moments of your users with the use of voice search and long tail keywords.

Watch this video or read the blog for voice SEO optimization techniques!

The Blog Corner

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Achieve YouTube Success with these tools

Your harshest critiques have praised your video. And, yet, success on YouTube is still eluding you! You need to utilise video tools to achieve the results. From keyword research to video optimization, promotion, and analysis, each one requires proficiency. Leverage these tools to increase video views and channel subscriptions.

Use these video SEO tools to better your rankings on YouTube!

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Learn How to Manage Your Online Reputation

How do you manage a bad or negative online review left for your business? By going on the defensive, offensive or through silence; experts agree all three are incorrect approaches. They will add to the downward spiral. As a business owner, doctor, politician, real estate agent, restaurateur, etc., learn the tricks to turn negatives into the positives for your online reputation.

Have a look at the steps to manage your online reputation!

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