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Newsletter May 2013   Newsletter May 2013

UGC: User Generated Content.

It's the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing that sounds like a buzzword forcing organizations to flock to as many avenues in vogue as possible. It's the Promised Land of astronomical engagement rates and content gone viral, where all of us, especially our CEO's and CXO's can finally come and smile.

But, it's a two-sided coin, especially if it isn't managed well. Over the last month, we've seen Mozilla get penalized by Google because their UGC spiraled out of control. They got slammed with a penalty, which obviously, is never good news for anyone.

And it doesn't stop with Search. On the flip-side, Mozilla's penalty got us thinking about how quickly things can take off with Social Media and how we can keep a strong check on the way conversations tend to shape up.
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The Biggest Lessons?
  1. There are no "black and white" approaches to content marketing, and especially not with Social.
  2. Common sense and great client services are irreplaceable.
  3. If we haven't dedicated resources to develop and manage Social efforts, we need to hustle.
Newsletter May 2013 The Search Corner Newsletter May 2013
Mozilla Hit with Google's Spam Penalty User comments are ostensibly innocuous to the average reader; but they're not adding up to Google, regardless of how high-profile a website might be. After penalizing BBC, Google went after the open-source community, Mozilla.

Here's what happened.
Mozilla Hit with Google's Spam Penalty
Newsletter May 2013 Social Media Buzz Newsletter May 2013
The Pros and Cons with Social Media
The Pros and Cons with Social Media We know Social Media is here to stay. We know that within Marketing it's still growing up. And now, we also know that the "good" and "bad" with Social Media don't fall into any neat categories. Where there's virality, there's very little control and to be more approachable, we need close to 24/7 monitoring and support.

Read more.
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Newsletter May 2013
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