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The Digital Digest
Vol-4 | Issue 3 | March 2020
Digital Marketing & The Current Scenario. Covid19, WFH Tools, Search Trends & more.

Well, March 2020 is definitely one for the history books. We’ve all had to go down this road (metaphorically, of course) with no real precedent.

Gradually, however, the panic and chaos have given way to everyone just getting on with it, personally and professionally. So, while the planet reboots itself, so do we.

Here at Techmagnate for instance, we’ve really gotten into the flow of things. Laptops have been organised, home offices have been set up and a plan to pivot and adapt our clients’ digital strategies have all been set in motion. The current trends are something the team has been keeping a close eye on. Have a look at what we found here, here and here.

Do you know what’s been really incredible, though? We’ve actually seen the entire digital community come together and show exemplary solidarity.

For instance, tech companies, several companies have offered their enterprise-level tools completely for free.

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Next up, what about SEO?

We have been advising our clients to invest this time as well as their energies in building a content bank. A healthy content bank is something that always gets sidelined because of lack of time. Building a bank of well-written and relevant content now is guaranteed to give an SEO boost to your brand. That it will most likely lead to an edge over the competition is an added bonus.

What’s more, with fewer advertisers competing for the same click, the cost-per-click (CPC) has actually gone down for several high-value keywords. Reach out to your digital partners and see how you can intelligently use ads to drive more traffic despite a smaller budget.

If cash flow is a concern then go for a reduced plan which you can scale up later.

On a final note for brands & businesses, just remember, this is not the time for profiteering. Now’s the time to think a little less like an individual and bit more like a collective.

How can you help? How can you say it kindly? How can you make a difference? How can you support? These are the questions we're meant to ask, first.

Until next time, stay home and stay safe folks.

What our clients say
The quality of SEO service is too good as provided by the techmagnate team. It showed us that you are capable of getting people to work together and effectively. The team is very supportive and all the work is done timely. I really appreciate the team for problem-solving in a proactive way. Jay Ram Patel - SEO Manager. News Nation
In other news
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Women’s Day Celebrations at Techmagante

We’re proud to be a workplace where each and every individual stands for equality irrespective of gender. This year’s theme was #EachForEqual and the entire team came forward to show solidarity.

Here at Techmagnate, we believe in celebrating and empowering women beyond traditional gender roles, norms and stereotypes.

At Techmagnate, we believe that women deserve equal opportunity to perform, showcase their skills, and excel in the corporate world. The fact that some of the company's most crucial roles are held by women shows that it values talent, intellect and hard work regardless of gender.
New on the Techmagnate Blog
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How to Navigate Your Business Digitally During The Global Pandemic

A recent survey revealed that 82% of business leaders are expecting significant declines in revenues over the course of the next six months. The figures look bleak, yes? How, then, does a business owner channel his marketing spend intelligently and stay afloat during these times? We address this in our latest blog post.

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How to Navigate Your Business Digitally During The Global Pandemic

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