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Vol-3 | Issue 3 | March 2019
There is a new domain authority in town!

There have been two big news items for SEO this month: the Moz 2.0 update and Google’s Florida update. And here’s what you need to know about them both!

Bullet icon Google's Florida - AKA the March 2019 Core Update

With the March 2019 Core update, relevant and helpful content for your audience and customers continues to dominate.

Since this update was rolled out, small sites but with more relevant pages for queries have gained their rankings after this update, whereas, top domains (with high DA and less exact results) have seen a drop in their rankings.

Rough estimates show almost 60% of the customers at Techmagnate have benefited from this update. 37% of our customers remain unaffected and less than 3% have suffered.

As always, the only fix with Google is to keep publishing relevant, high-quality, and useful content for your audience!

Bullet icon A New Update From Moz - ‘Moz 2.0’ - Has Arrived!

The new and improved Domain Authority by Moz has arrived! After the 2.0 roll-out, many websites began seeing fluctuations in their Domain Authority (DA), which can naturally feel like a cause for concern - especially since high DA scores indicate a higher chance of ranking on search engines.

According to Moz, site owners don’t need to worry because “The new Domain Authority will be the most accurate way to compare your site’s ranking potential against your competition.”

Moz also says that the changes in DA are not a direct reflection of the changes made to the link building strategy.

In fact, the new updates to the Moz algorithm make it a comparative statistic, so you have to make sure you compare your DA with your competitors DA as well to have an accurate picture of where you stand.


Webmasters and site owners DO need to keep a constant watch out for suspicious backlinks - because those are the sites that will see above-normal fluctuations in their Domain Authority.

But What’s Next?

Confused? Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

If you’re an existing client, your account managers should have reached out to you by now to guide you through the update. But if you still have any questions, drop me an email and we’ll talk!

Vernacular Seo Case Study

Every once in a while, a new hire comes on-board who we can’t wait to show off to the world.

Our latest team member - SEO Baba - has it all! Tips, hacks, and great advice to make your SEO better. Follow along with what he has to say on our LinkedIn page!

Vernacular Seo Case Study
New on the Techmagnate Blog
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1. The Future of SEO - Voice, Video, and Vernacular

“OK Google”, “Alexa”, “Hey Siri” – these phrases have become extremely common.

However, what most of us don’t notice is our ever-increasing reliance on voice-based commands instead of just typing it out on any search engine.

The increasing affordability of mobile phones and other hand-held devices means that people are not only using voice-based search more than before but are also using it for conducting searches in vernacular languages.

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2. How to Use Rich Snippets to Boost Rankings for Your Site

Let’s consider that you have used the word “barfi” in one of your recipes. When Google or any other search engine crawls your website, how do you think it will differentiate whether it is a recipe in your recipe book or the name of a Ranbir Kapoor movie released in 2012?

On its own, it can’t. But, if you use schema markup to show the bot that barfi is a recipe, it will show your recipe in the relevant searches.

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