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Achieving Success in Digital Marketing

The future belongs to those who can foresee change, adapt to it and lead the way for everyone else to follow. And in India, the future is digital.

We need people who are:



Have GREAT communication skills

Eager to learn, grow and make a tangible difference to their environments

So, honestly, not much has changed there. We’ve always needed people like that. But to see these skills morph in accordance to what future demands is always a treat.

We’re gearing up for exciting times ahead!

What We’ve Accomplished

XFlats offer luxury apartments in the Notting Hill, Marylebone and Chelsea neighborhoods of London and in Beyoglu in Istanbul. The brand is a leading name in the corporate housing and luxury apartments sector, and provides state-of-the-art rooms for both short and long-duration stays.

When XFlats approached us, they were a completely new kid on the block. Through a combined effort with off-page SEO and constant on-site improvements, the fledgling site saw a steady increase of organic traffic by 27% in three months. We also saw a 60% increase in organic searches during the same period.

Want to know how we did it? Read our case study!

The Blog Corner
6 Ways to Succeed as a Digital Marketer

What does it take to succeed as a digital marketer? A lot of grit, the ability to switch gears at breakneck speed, think creatively, and a whole lot of intuition.

We’re living in times where rapid change is the norm, but do we all have the right workforce for it? How do we cultivate one? How can anyone succeed at digital marketing? The answer might surprise you.

Read the post here.

  6 Ways to Succeed as a Digital Marketer
Google, the Twitter Firehose and What that Means for SEO

Do you “get” Twitter? It’s quite the challenge to take this amorphous cloud of social media users, streamline them alongside coherent characteristics and then get them to show up on Google searches?

Have you heard about the Twitter Firehose that Google wants access to? It has significant implications for SEO. Read the entire post here.

  The Digital Future of India
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