SEO Services India Newsletter March 2013
Newsletter March 2013
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Newsletter March

Changing Pace


Sometimes all operations come to a grinding halt because of pressing issues and sometimes it’s good to schedule those breaks. As a marketing agency, too often we find ourselves wrapped up so tightly in the day-to-day execution of our tasks, we forget to make time to step back, take a deep breath and realign our focus with the big picture.

Over the last month, we’ve had to stop and reprioritize all our work more often than we wanted to. At one end, a client’s website began seeing issues that were much deeper than anticipated, and at the other end, we’re trying to channel different energies for a fresh marketing perspective for a long-standing client. Neither task can be accomplished overnight or with shortcuts.

However, the inherent opportunity here speaks volumes about the necessity to be prepared for change. Both tasks have required us to brush off settling cobwebs, get to the root of the problem and change the way we think for the benefit of our clients. If these sound like tedious processes to you, then believe us, they are! But still, they’re necessary if our long-term objective is to grow ourselves and serve our clients better.

Over the past month, we’ve found the opportunity to reassess who we are, not just as an organization, but as people. We’ve found the opportunity to learn and grow from our own work and change our pace accordingly. It’s a good thing.

Changing Pace

A Word From CEO
  CEO TechmagnateBetween maintaining ethical operations and constant realigning with Google's algorithm updates, offering SEO services is no cake walk. And there are, often, many layers to consider, because our work doesn’t end or begin with optimization services. Quite the opposite, in fact.Read More.

Newsletter March 2013
  This month, we’d like to introduce you to Sangeeta Agarwal and Tarun Pahwa, two of our team members who’ve transformed synergetic workflow into an art form. Sangeeta and Tarun lead an SEO team that consistently delivers great results for a diverse and constantly expanding portfolio of clients who aren’t just satisfied; they’re downright thrilled. Thank you, both, for all that you do!
Employee TechmagnateAs a Senior Accounts Manager, Sangeeta brings exceptional Project and People Management skills to the company and when she’s not immersed in all things SEO, you’re probably going to find her running away from home to go traveling.   Employee TechmagnateTarun is a go-getter to beat all the go-getter’s out there. A man of many talents, Tarun is an artist, a voracious reader and decidedly a free spirit who wakes up every day looking for a new challenge. At Techmagnate, Tarun is glad to have had the opportunity to learn the acceleration of multiple projects, simultaneously.
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