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The Digital Digest
Vol-2 | Issue 6 | June 2018
Techmagnate Vision 2020 - Delivering Transformational Growth Through Digital Excellence!
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Our Vision 2020!

Techmagnate has a well-defined vision - to deliver transformational growth through digital excellence for 100 customers by 2020. Do you want to be one of our super successful growth stories? We are here to be your guide and add a multiplier effect to help you achieve unprecedented business growth! Come to us and see how we can accelerate your momentum and get you the numbers you are struggling to achieve.

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Don’t Let Google Updates Bring Your Business Down!

Have you noticed wild fluctuation in keyword rankings?

A recent spate of Google and MOZ updates has been a wake-up call to every business owner and search marketer out there. From mobile first update to matching user intent with extractive summaries to realtime PA/ DA update to local algorithm update, there’s so much happening in the world of SEO! Have these affected your rankings or traffic? We’ve already helped many businesses deal with these updates by updating content, upgrading websites and tweaking seo strategies. We can help you regain top positions.

The Blog Corner

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Does your content meet a user’s exact intent?

In the near future, user’s intent may not lead to your webpage! Instead Google will extract and abstract content from multiple sites – it’s called the Google’s Paraphrasing Algorithm. It is still on the research stage. But marketers expect the content shown to users to be a perfect match for the intent.

Know the power of extractive and abstractive summaries here.

Responsive Web Design
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Know the SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Our Guest Author Ben J. states, ‘responsive web design is not a luxury, but a necessity’. He mentions a Google study which states that 61% users will abandon a non-responsive site. Get his thoughts on how a responsive site can benefit SEO! Learn how to offer the best user experience and build customer engagement.

We can help you build a responsive site and compete for top rankings!

Know of an NGO looking for pro bono SEO services! Send them our way, right away!


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