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Excitement soared within the blogging community as we acquired the popular BlogX, the largest blogging conference, which has already hosted two highly successful annual events in 2016 and 2017. We hosted our first Tech Series meet in Pune and are gearing up to host regular meets that will set industry standards and create a semblance of structure to this unorganized industry. Our conference will give bloggers, content creators and content marketers the opportunity to meet, interact and learn from each other.

BlogX Tech Series Meet by Techmagnate

Within three weeks of acquiring BlogX, the Techmagnate team hosted its first Tech Series in Pune. Renowned speakers from the industry and tech bloggers from across the country, vying to participate, allowed for the event to become a vibrant, interactive session. Check out what the speakers had to share and the response of the blogging community.

BlogX Tech Series Meet by Techmagnate
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A PPC Campaign Gets Stunning Results for Fortis Healthworld

We achieved astounding success with a PPC campaign for Fortis Healthworld, a healthcare e-store wherein we decreased the sales-to-spend ratio by an impressive 72%. As sales for the brand, climbed steadily, we monitored every aspect of the campaign, from device to demography, to make this e-commerce operation successful. With the help of a targeted and well-fleshed out PPC plan, we built a robust identity for the healthcare brand as a trusted retailer.

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Reaching Right Audiences with Micro Influencers

Knowing your audience is not enough, you need the right channel to reach them; and today, 92% of your audience trusts micro influencers more than they trusts celebrities. Micro influencing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to scale up relevant traffic to your site.

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Tools to Measure Your Digital Success

Getting acquainted with the different digital tools to measure and judge the success of your campaign down to the minutest details is an essential requirement of Internet marketing. There is so much you can do with these tools - evaluate the campaign results and formulate strategies to ensure future successes, etc.

Don’t delay knowing your digital marketing measurement tools

Automate Your Field Force with FReD
FReD is a simple, ready to deploy field force automation software used by businesses with field teams to manage their field operations effectively. It is the perfect tool for capturing field data and automating processes such as field merchandising, retail auditing and order capturing.
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