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The Digital Digest
Vol-3 | Issue 7 | July 2019
The importance of industry events. More than just networking.
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Building Powerful Interpersonal Connections
  • Immense Professional Growth & Learning
  • A Healthy Competitiveness that Contributes to Industry Growth

I truly believe these are just a few of the reasons why it’s important for all of us to be passionate about industry events, no matter which industry we belong to.

In 2019 commit to more face time and less "facetime".

In the world of digital media and marketing, where change is the only constant, it's even more crucial to be a part of industry goings-on. We’re barely halfway through 2019 and we’ve already seen waves of trends, updates and tools come and go.

Attending events where one has the opportunity to listen to thought leaders and connect with peers has kept us on our toes. It’s ensured that we've stayed relevant throughout.

We hit a milestone. As a first in Techmagnate's history, I was also a jury member for a prestigious marketing award. I must admit, it was great being on the other side of the fence! Jokes apart, irrespective of one’s role in these awards, it’s the willingness to learn and share that remains the key.

This year, we've vowed to be a part of even more events as partners, speakers, jury members and attendees. Knowledge-sharing across all platforms, both, online and offline is one of our core goals for the year.

Our quest for growing, learning and digital excellence continues!

Techmagnate's Top 3 Industry Moments in 2019

Sarvesh Bagla, CMO Network Summit, Future of Digital Marketing Panel. Masters of Modern Marketing Award for Best Digital Campaign for an Educational Instituion. Leveraging Quora for Content Marketing - An Award - Winning Case Study Presented at CMS Asia 2019.

We've attended a fair few events this financial year but there are 3 moments that stand out for us as a company:

- Sharing Our Award-Winning Case Study at CMS Asia 2019: India and APAC's premier content marketing summit was held in Mumbai this year. We had the pleasure of sharing our award-winning case study on "Leveraging Quora as Content Marketing Platform" with an engaged audience.

- Click to Watch Part 1


- Click to Watch Part 2


- Being a part of the CMO Network Summit as a Panelist: An extremely well-conceptualised industry event where we were represented by Sarvesh Bagla, CEO, Techmagnate. This panel on "The Future of Digital Marketing" with several other industry thought-leaders was one filled with engaging and relevant information for the attendees and speakers, alike.

- Techmagnate winning the Inkspell Award for the Best Digital Campaign for an Educational Institute: This dedicated campaign for one of our education industry clients involved out-of-the-box on-page and content optimization techniques. Needless to say, it is extremely close to our hearts because of all the creative thought and hours that went to it. Winning an award only made the journey that much sweeter.

The latest on Linkedin

We celebrated World Emoji Day (17th July 2019) with our LinkedIn community this month and wow, did we get some quick responses! Check how well you do - can you get all 3 right?

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