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Vol-6 | Issue 1 | January 2022
5 way to utilize geofencing in marketing in 2022

Did you know? 53% of shoppers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message.

With smartphones becoming such an integral part of our daily life, geofencing marketing is a powerful way for businesses to engage their mobile users.

Here are 5 ways you can use geo-fencing in your marketing strategy:

Retailers, by following a locally optimised approach and investing in a robust geofencing marketing strategy, you can stay ahead of your competition, drive customers to your stores and boost your sales this year.

  • Optimize for important events: By setting up your geofencing marketing campaigns in advance, allow shoppers to plan their purchases beforehand. Start early - push limited-time offers to uplift your sales.
  • Set up interest-based audiences: Access a wealth of user demographics by geo-fencing and set up interest-based audiences which will improve your campaigns and boost your engagement rates.
  • Geofence your competitors: Get insights about what consumers were interested in when in your competitor’s stores, then offer a better deal.
  • Reach out at the perfect moment: 26% of marketing falls flat when you try to engage with consumers at the wrong time. Identify the moments when customers actually have the time for you.
  • Consider the size of your geofences: If your geofence has a huge radius, you might be wasting your efforts on targeting users who are too far away to visit your store. Plan your geofences carefully and make use of several smaller geofences.

Curious to know which one to implement first? We are here to help. Until then, I wish you hope, success and lots of digital excellence in 2022.

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