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The Digital Digest
Vol-5 | Issue 1 | January 2021
In 2021, put your app on the map

We did it; we made it through a rather tumultuous 2020! Congratulations to us all.

With many businesses pivoting in the past year, embracing digital - the right way, has become even more important. One of the key strategies we’re bringing to our clients’ notice in 2021 is App Marketing.

Did you know? In 2019 alone, Indians downloaded over 19 billion mobile apps compared to just over 6 billion in 2016.

Want to put your app on the map? Understanding App Store Optimisation (ASO) is vital.

A variety of different factors influence ASO, the most important of which include:

  • Keywords - Having the right keywords in the description or the title can help propel an app higher in any search results.
  • Reviews - App stores group different apps by category and topic based on the number of reviews received. Have a dedicated strategy in place to garner user reviews.
  • Downloads & Retention - Getting your app downloaded isn’t enough - retention is essential. For ranking on app stores, bear in mind that all app stores track installs and uninstalls, and both metrics affect their algorithms.
  • Social Media & Networking - How your app is perceived across social media and in some cases, how it makes use of social media can help propel it forward. Similarly, the use of backlinks for networking can help improve an app’s overall ranking.
  • Location - Certain apps perform better in specific countries than others. If you can get your app to rank highly in multiple countries, the cumulative effect is ideal.

Want to delve into this deeper? You can read more on our blog post on Effective App Marketing Strategies and follow us on LinkedIn for tips on the topic. If you’d like to know how Techmagnate can support you with App Marketing or for any other query, we’d love to hear from you as always.

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