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Vol-5 | Issue 2 | February 2021
SHHH... We�re Revealing Your Competitors�s linked in Secrets!

Every major business today is on LinkedIn. With 88% marketers using Linkedin for content marketing based lead generation - there's a good chance your competition is making the most of this powerful tool. The question remains, are you?

Here are 3 Key Strategies That Expert Marketers Are Employing on Linkedin Right Now:

Defining Audiences: There are 760 million registered members from 150 countries on Linkedin and you can reach them directly! As yourself these 2 questions: What do you want to achieve from LinkedIn? What type of audience will you benefit from?

Ensuring Every Key Property is Updated with Relevant Information: By this we mean banners, about sections, profile photos etc. Implement this not just for your company page but also for the individual profiles of your company leaders, sales teams and business development teams.

Optimizing Pages for Search Engines: Based on your company page's keyword effectiveness, you can ensure your page ranks highly in search results. Your goal should be to identify the top-grossing keywords for your business niche and optimize your page accordingly.

Want to know a few more secrets? There's a lot more where that came from. Head on over to our in-depth LinkedIn Marketing blog post and follow us on LinkedIn for more tips. If you want to know how Techmagnate can support you in building your brand on LinkedIn, we'd love to hear from you, as always.

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