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The Digital Digest
Vol-4 | Issue 2 | February 2020
Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for more ROI

At Techmagnate, we have always been an ROI driven company. We understand that when you are investing in digital - you want the strategy and goals to be result oriented.

Every action a digital agency and client take together should be geared towards what your returns on those actions will be. Constant monitoring, analysing and ability to pivot is key.

This month, to keep pace with the changing dynamics of marketing and Google search trends, we decided to keep the focus on key tips that can impact your ROI significantly if implemented correctly.

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Understand what leads to spikes and drops in your analytics

Understanding what’s impacts your data is key. That’s when you put yourself in a position to replicate successful models or drop ideas that don’t work, no matter how much you like them. For instance: recently Big Boss - yes, the show, sparked a 555% rise in impressions on the keyword - “Fixed Deposit” impacting BFSI search trends. Who would’ve thought?

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Make your google rankings stand out with relevant content

Keep your focus on three key content areas including expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to meet the expectations set by Google’s recent Core Updates.

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Break the silence between your marketing and analytics team

Creative output needs to be measured - correctly and analytically. Encouraging a smooth flow of communications between the two teams to put an effective data-driven marketing strategy in place.

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Escalate your business growth with personal branding

We have made this point over and over again. Company leaders, CXOs and Senior Managers - your branding is just as important as your brand’s. Becoming an individual brand is what CXOs especially should be working towards in 2020.

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Hold on to micro-influencers for higher engagement

Relevant influencer collaboration is going to be key in 2020. A recent study has shown that micro-influencers with 10-50 k followers can generate 41.7% higher engagement than macro-influencers.

Apart from the suggestions above, there's one additional strategy we employ for greater ROIs.

Here at Techmagnate, in our strategy meetings, we first put down our OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and set our ROI targets, then we work back from there. This is a methodology that’s always served us and our clients well.

Our #NoExcuses and ROI focused approach ensures that we consistently deliver results for our customers, year on year. Concerned about your ROI? Want to discuss further? Come meet us or send us a message.

In other news
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This month for Valentine’s Day we wrote a love letter to Google.

Albeit one from a besotted marketer who feels that his love is unrequited.

With nearly 5000+ organic impressions and 91 reactions, this became one of our best performing posts on the platform in February. When you read the letter, it’s easy to see why - every marketer can relate.

Will you be my valentine? I am sorry but my algorithms have changed!
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In keeping with our goal of strategizing for greater ROI in 2020, our blog posts are geared towards providing industry leaders with deeper insights.

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