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Vol-5 | Issue 12 | December 2021
5 Social media trends, you must know in 2022

Happy New Year, everyone! If 2022 has you wondering what’s next for your company’s social media strategy - we’ve got you covered. With the rise of innovative technologies and rapid adoption, social media has become a beacon for brands to attract and retain customers.

By successfully leveraging these 5 emerging social media trends, you will be poised to invigorate your digital marketing in 2022:

  • Tik Tok to dominate the social media space: Engaging over 1 billion users in 2021, Tik Tok will continue to increase live streaming features and in-app shopping features.
  • The rise in adoption of Augmented Reality (AR): Apart from photo filters, brands can leverage AR to provide better shopping experiences to their customers. The metaverse, which is an amalgamation of the physical world, the augmented, and the virtual, is also gaining fast momentum.
  • VisuSocial ads to gain popularity: As Google works to phase out cookie tracking by 2023, 'the death of the third party cookie' will be slowly visible in the upcoming year. Invest in a data-driven strategy to understand your users' interests and preferences on a deeper level.
  • Increase in audio-only content: More than 74% of businesses are planning to invest in audio-only content in the next year.
  • Social Commerce will become more prevalent: In 2022, direct purchase through social media platforms will become the norm. Social Commerce through live video is also likely to become more prevalent, especially among Gen Z customers.

Curious to know which one would work best for your business this year? We are here to help. Until then, I wish you hope, success and lots of digital excellence in 2022.

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