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Taking Care of the Negatives Raining Down on You

Getting tired of brickbat on the Internet? Negative reviews raining down on your business? It is situation many brands find themselves in. To deal with all the negatives, all you need is some excellent online management services. We can provide that. Our ORM services can monitor and remove all online negatives about your brand – posts, reviews, comments, etc. We will help impact your search engine results to keep you on top by promoting your positive content.

A Colossal increase of 547% in organic leads for an Industrial Giant

A 547% increase in organic leads for Sumitron a leading distributor of high quality equipment, tools and materials, is colossal by all standards! We managed to overachieve our set targets and increased organic traffic by a stunning 383%. Nothing new for us, but we sure did impress our clients with our SEO expertise.

Learn how we managed to create this success story!
Understand How Social Platforms Best Meet Business Marketing Needs

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat – which one are you promoting yourself on? Successfully driving engagement and building brand value? But, the real question is how aware are you of changing trends and strategies required for each? For example, did you know Snapchat with its daily stories is fast catching up to Instagram as a business engagement tool! Or that Twitter allows for the multi-photo display! We have compared the interesting features of each platform to give you an insight on which one best suits your marketing needs!

Understand How Social Platforms Best Meet Business Marketing Needs
Get Content Marketing Success with these Trends for 2018

Content marketing has captured the digital marketing sphere completely! No business, big or small, is immune to its necessities. It is not all about creating and sharing informative and entertaining content with your clients. In fact, Content Marketing Trends 2018 - virtual reality, live streaming, storytelling - will convince marketers to proactively understand demands and engage clients. Our blog shares information on some of the trends which and how you can effectively use them for your digital campaigns.


Marketing today has branched into many streams – SEO Services, PPC campaigns, Content Marketing, CRO, to name a few. With a 360° approach to digital marketing, our services are aligned from conceptualization and strategy to final-stage execution.

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A guest blog should pander to audience interest and be worth reading! That’s what our community of bloggers from BlogX can deliver for different verticals. They are experts in their respective fields and can help you build authority and reach a wider audience with quality content.
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