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The Digital Digest
Vol-4 | Issue 4 | April 2020
5 Digital Tips You Need To Follow

Digital agencies, like everyone else, have also had to adapt very quickly to the evolving situation.

Our regular work for clients continues but we are also constantly evaluating lockdown trends and the impact of COVID19 on every strategy. Our biggest effort is to ensure content is relevant - SEO, SMO & PPC are all entirely dependent on that one key facet.

To that end, we have highlighted 5 key tips that are going to help you and your brand navigate the global crisis with sensitivity and relevance:

1) Stay on Top of Search Trends: Search trends are rapidly evolving and your marketing team should be ready to adapt to evolving search terms.

2) Share Your Opinion on Industry Trends:This is relevant to both brands and leaders. With so much realigning for every industry, knowledge sharing is crucial. It’s important for industry leaders to share an opinion on industry developments.

3) Think GIF Optimization: Did you know? You can actually optimise your brand to cash in on this much-loved way of communicating.

4) Be Geared for Voice Search Especially relevant now with the amount of time we’re spending at home multi-tasking!

5) Give Your Audience a Behind the Scenes Peek: Give Your Audience a Behind the Scenes Peek: we handed out virtual Quarter Performance Awards, our team meetings have evolved as have how are bonding activities now take place online.

We are very interested in knowing how you and your brand are navigating the global crisis. Frequent conversations with our clients across the world have shown us that everyone is in the same storm, even if the boats are different sized.

Feel free to reach out us, anytime, for a discussion focused on your brand and the direction it should be taking. Our doors are always open, metaphorically speaking of course.

Hope you are continuing to stay safe, no matter where you are.

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